27 Cute Outfits You Can Actually Wear in the Snow

Kristen Bousquet
27 Cute Outfits You Can Actually Wear in the Snow
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Snow is a fact of life in the winter (well, for most of us, at least)—so we might as well dress for the occasion. The challenge, of course, is finding an outfit that makes you look and feel chic even when the weather is, well … not. Subzero temperatures, slush-covered streets, and icy windchill don’t exactly make for the most conducive sartorial circumstances, but hey—a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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Lest you think all hope is lost, however, there is a way to stay at the top of your style game even in the depths of winter. Think artful layering, cool puffer coats, and some functional-yet-stylish waterproof boots.

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Below, see 27 snow-friendly outfit ideas to cop this season.

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