Does It Matter What You Order on a Date? Here’s What Guys Really Think

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Is ordering a steak on a first date a sin or a turn-on? How about  a burger and fries? Is pasta totally off limits for ladies? Should you worry what he’ll think if you order a salad? We’re rolling through the definite dinner dos and don’ts, according to dudes.

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I like an eater.
“When I’m out to dinner with a girl,” says Mark, 26, “I feel better when she actually orders something with substance; not just a salad with cucumber. First of all, you’re supposed to treat yourself when you’re dining out — and secondly, how am I ever going to see myself spending time with a girl who eats less than my cat?”

“You always hear about girls who are scared to order what they really want on a date because they’re worried that the guy will make comments about what she’s eating,” says Brennan, 28. “I think the opposite: if a girl I’m out with orders steak, it’s a huge turn-on for me. It tells me that she’s not afraid to be herself — and that she doesn’t care what I think.”

Josh, 37, says, “The first time I took my [now] wife out to dinner she ordered appetizer, dinner and dessert. She also suggested that we get a bottle of wine to share. I felt like it made dinner more fun, going through the courses together. I could tell she wasn’t about to censor herself just because I was around and it made me like her more.”

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