What To Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper: 5 Genius Ideas

Tore into your Christmas presents leaving a trail of gift wrap in your wake? Us too. But instead of tossing it all in the trash, why not put it to good use? Here are 5 ideas for what to do with leftover wrapping paper.


1. Cover a notebook or a planner.
Have some scraps of striking wrapping paper? Use it to cover a notebook for work or school, or buy an inexpensive 2014 agenda and create your own cover with gift wrap.

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2. Frame it.
Granted, you’re probably not going to frame red-and-green Santa wrapping, but if someone gave you a gift with really striking paper (like the above Target x Rodarte wrapping!), save a square and put it in a nice frame. This’ll look especially cool when hung on a gallery wall.

2. Create a bookmark
Cut a strip of cardboard from a cereal box or a cracker box and cover it in wrapping paper. Voila, an instant bookmark.

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3. Save and use for packing materials.
Shipping a package? Stuff it with leftover wrapping paper.

4. Wrap a gift card, a wine bottle, or a book.
Whenever we have small gifts to give, it always seems as if we have nothing to wrap it in. Here’s where a box of scraps comes in handy—use it to wrap gift cards, books,  a bottle of wine, or other semi-small gifts all year.

5. Wrap it around some corkboard for a cute bulletin board.
Take a square of wrapping paper you like and use it to cover a piece of corkboard and adhere it to a wall above your desk for an instant bulletin board.