A Site to See: YPlan Makes It So You Never Have To Ask ‘What Should I Do Tonight?’

Meghan Blalock

yplan A Site to See: YPlan Makes It So You Never Have To Ask What Should I Do Tonight?

Around here, we’re endlessly fascinated by the wide world of online shopping, and it seems that every week brings with it a brand-new e-commerce site to be obsessed with. Since keeping track of ‘em all can be a feat of epic proportion, we’ve decided to feature “A Site To See” each week, highlighting a cool retail website you’ll definitely want to bookmark. This week: a just-launched app that helps you plan last-minute nights out, called YPlan.

Why You Should Download It: For those of us who might lack a bit in the planning department—or just like to get a little spontaneous every now and then—the YPlan app (which just launched in the United States, honing in on New York City and surrounding areas) offers a ridiculously easy solution.

“My business partner [Viktoras Jucikas] and I were on a trip to San Fransisco, and we were like, let’s go out tonight and have some fun,” YPlan’s co-founder Rytis Vitkauskas tells StyleCaster.

“We went on Google and spent an hour trying to figure out what to do, and it was such a painful experience. No service was geared toward this specific problem. It kind of dawned on us [that] we want to be the answer to the question: ‘What am I going to do tonight?'”

That’s when the idea for YPlan was born—an app that puts same-day concerts, rooftop parties, and other cool events immediately on your radar and at your fingertips. YPlan, which launched in London nine months ago to much acclaim, has one major claim to fame: a two-tap gateway to an evening of fun.

How It Works: Once you download the app, register for free and log in, and then you’re only two taps away from booking an event for that night. YPlan has a team of living, breathing curators who are constantly trolling to find 10 to 15 amazing events happening in your city over the next 48 hours. The list pops up in the app, and you can click on each one to get details—where it’s located, how much tickets cost, and so on. If you find something you like, just tap the “Book Now” button to get access to tickets, and then the “Confirm Booking” to buy. (Get it? Two taps.)

“The app saves your credit card information, and you don’t have to print anything,” Rytis explains. “You just show your smartphone at the door, and you can either just get in with the phone or they will hold your tickets at the will call booth.”

It’s Not Just Music: The YPlan curators focus on live music at concert venues, but that’s not the only sort of event they hunt down. Rooftop lounges, big-name clubs, and even specialty performances like Cirque du Soleil are all on their radar. They work closely with the event organizers themselves to ensure the app users have great access to entry.

“Even at the best events, there are seats available that haven’t been sold, up to 40% and 50%,” Rytis says. “In the live entertainment space, over 40% of seats go unsold.  People don’t go out not because they are lazy or want to save money, but they just don’t know what’s going on out there. That discovery aspect becomes very important. We’re promoting discovery.”

As of today, YPlan is live in London and New York, with plans to launch down the line in other major American cities.

Check It Out: YPlanApp.com, or download it on iTunes (the Android version is coming in a few months!)