The 30 Best Pieces from Zara’s Epic Summer Sale

The 30 Best Pieces from Zara’s Epic Summer Sale
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It’s that time again—when you’ll walk into any Zara across the globe and find 80 percent of the inventory massively marked down. You’ll also find lines that take longer to wait on than a Judd Apatow movie and dressing rooms that look like they’ve been hit by Hurricane Sandy. So If you want to avoid—and you should definitely avoid—the bacchanalian frenzy that comes with $9 printed poplin dresses $15 studded cork sandals, remain exactly where you are—on the couch, at your desk, on a bad date—and check out the retailer’s site for the same shit you’d get in-store. A fair amount has sold out, but there’s still plenty of finds to be had in all sizes.

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Remember, there’s still technically almost two months left of summer, so you probably, definitely need more off-the-shoulder tops, lace tanks, and slip dresses—all things, which, if you’re still on the fence, can be worn well into the fall (that’s what God created leather jackets for).

Here, 30 things worth buying before they vanish forever.

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Denim Culottes, $69.90 $19.99

Bodysuit with Low Back, $15.90 $12.99

Textured Weave Dress, $39.90 $17.99

Shorts Overalls, $60 $19.99

Printed Blazer, $149 $29.99

Frill Jacquard Shorts, $49.90 $19.99

Cropped Top with Straps, $39.90 $9.99

Slingback Wrap Sandals, $69.90 $29.99

Printed Camisole Dress, $69.90 $29.99

Studio Trench, $199 $59.99

Wide Cut Jeans $49.90 $19.99

Long Print Skirt, $69.90 $19.99

Converitble Bucket Bag, $39.90 $15.99

Midi Poplin skirt, $49.99; $19.99

Printed Dress, $99.90 $29.99

Poplin Dress, $69.90 $29.99

Patchwork Jumpsuit, $39.90 $17.99

Frill Top, $49.90 $25.99

Wedges, $49.90 $19.99

Flared Trousers, $49.90 $19.99

Striped Tunic with Shimmer Thread, 39.90 $19.99

Unisex Hoodie, $35.90 $12.99

Printed Poplin Top, $39.90 $19.99

Tie Tank, $35.90 $17.99

OTS Top, $25.90 $9.99

Jeggings, $25.90 $12.99

Short Strappy Top, $22.90 $9.99

Striped Frill Top, $25.90 $12.99

Mini Skirt with Frill. $49.90 $19.99

Crossover Neckline Top, $15.90 $9.99

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