(What?!?) Ryan Gosling Is Skipping The Golden Globes Tonight

Summer K

So seriously, WHY are we tuning in again? If our fave leading man nominee and “Hey Girl” heartbreaker isn’t coming, what’s the point of watching? More importantly, what’s the point of living?

According to People, Gosling is shooting a movie overseas and won’t be in attendance at tonight’s Golden Globes, which means he’ll probably win, we’ll miss his adorable speech, but on the plus side, WON’T have to see him get a congratulatory kiss from rumored girlfriend, Eva Mendes. (BTW, we use the term “rumored” because they’ve never confirmed it and we prefer to live in a state of denial.)

So what’s left for us to enjoy? Sure, all the gorgeous designer gowns and potential for a wardrobe malfunction are something to look forward to, but everything pales in comparison when you take Ryan’s sexy bod and big blue eyes out of the equation.

Oh Golden Globes, how you toy with us…

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