10 Things NOT To Do After a Breakup

Kristen Bousquet

We’ve all been there—one minute everything in your relationship is perfect then begins the downward spiral. Before you know it, you’re back to living the single life.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your emotions in check leading to some decision-making that you’ll regret in the (probably near) future. Luckily, we’re here with a list of things you should definitely not do after your break-up so that you get back to being your old, fabulous self in no time.

1. Don’t go out and get an extreme haircut. Ahem, Miley Cyrus, we’re looking at you. Going out and getting a trim and some highlights is totally fine, but please save the blue hair dye and pixie cut for a time when you’re more, uh, stable.

2. Don’t stalk your exes social media accounts. With social media basically running our lives, it can be hard not to search your exes username on Twitter and see what he’s been tweeting. But, you have to resist! You might see something that could make you even more miserable.

3. Don’t go on a Twitter/Facebook rant. Look, we get it. You’re upset. Tell your mom, tell your best friend, but please don’t tell all 698 followers on your Twitter account. If we’re being honest, that’s so high school.

4. Don’t book a super-expensive trip to a tropical island. As much as it sounds amazing to be sitting on a beach somewhere tropical sipping a margarita, you want to save this trip for a time when your heart, mind and body have all healed. Who wants to spend a vacation missing their ex? Not us.

5. Don’t badmouth your ex. Depending on how you two broke up, there may be some really harsh words you wish you could say to him, so most people end up saying all those harsh things to people. Eventually, they’ll get back to him and frankly, make you look really immature and maybe a bit desperate. Save yourself the embarrassment and just keep your mean comments to yourself.

6. Don’t overspend. We’re totally guilty. Retail therapy can be good, but if you go too overboard, you’ll end up regretting it and being more upset than you were to begin with. Stop at H&M, grab a new skirt and call it a day.

7. Don’t go places that you know your ex will be. If your ex is a regular at the local pub every Thursday night, definitely do not go to that pub on the same night when you know he’ll be there. You won’t be able to have a good time and be comfortable knowing that he’s across the room flirting with the hot blond at the bar.

8. Don’t eat your feelings. There’s nothing worse than overeating for days (or even weeks) after your breakup. The day that the big breakup happens, you go ahead and eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s but that’s it. Fattening food will dull your mood even more and you definitely won’t be happy when you hop on the scale in a week and you weigh five pounds more than before.

9. Don’t turn to alcohol to solve your problems. Not to say we’re opposed to you drinking half a bottle of wine right after your breakup, but limit it to just then. There’s no need to go out and get hammered every night. Remember, alcohol is a depressant and who needs to be more sad than they already are after a breakup?

10. Don’t become a hermit. After your heart gets broken, it’s easy to say “Screw the world”, throw on your favorite pair of pajamas and watch Netflix for 48 hours straight. But, you’re never going to feel better if you’re staying in watching romantic movies, crying, cooped up in your apartment. Go out to lunch with a friend or out to drinks with your co-worker to keep your mind off the stupid guy who broke up with you.