Here’s What Movie Was Number One the Day You Were Born

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Photo: Touchstone Pictures

Mindlessly trolling arbitrary corners of the web isn’t procrastinating if it’s 5 p.m. somewhere, right? That’s our story and we’re sticking to it, which is how we came across a fantastically pointless tool that tells you what movie was number one at the box office the day you were born. Why? Why not, is the real question, folks.

Radio app—yep, the same one that tells you what song ruled the charts on your birthday—offers the free time-waster, and it’s super-simple to use. Just visit the website, type in the day, month, and year you made your life debut, click “find #1 movie” and brace yourself for a serious flashback. Or a serious case of “never heard of it,” since plenty of StyleCaster staffers’ response was “wait, huh?” to their decidedly non-blockbuster birthday flicks.

Still, it’ll entertain you for a few solid minutes—you can watch trailers, too!—so give it shot, then call it a day and go home already.