What is a Tweet Mirror?

Lauren Caruso

Either a laudable attempt at further merging social network voyerism with commerce or a move to capitalize on our incessant need for approval, Dutch company Nedap brings you the Tweet Mirror an in-store camera that allows customers to take pictures of their outfits while they shop free of charge. Posted outside of the dressing room, the Tweet Mirror essentially a camera with an insanely large display screen and an internet connection then allows shoppers to post the photo to Twitter and Facebook for a second (or hundredth) opinion. Sounds like little more than a smart phone, right?

There are a few redeeming qualities that sort of differentiate the product from a regular TwitPic it allows you to see yourself from different angles to decide for yourself how your butt really looks, and also allows you to compare your potential purchases side by side in high-def. Besides, sometimes we’re forced to go shopping on whim and are in need of a virtual companion.

Seems awesome enough for the sartorially obsessed. Still, there are a few problems. Usually, if I’m shopping alone, it’s because I really don’t care if anyone else likes what I’m about to buy. Also, you have to actually exit the dressing room clad in said potential purchase in order to take advantage of the Tweet Mirror. Lastly, with women already famous for monopolizing mirror time, could you imagine the line to use the damn thing? As for right now, the Tweet Mirror is only in London stores, but I have a feeling it’ll make its way across the pond in no time. Would you use the Tweet Mirror or does using your iPhone suffice?