We Can’t Escape the #10YearChallenge, So Here Are the Best Ones

Andrea Jordan
We Can’t Escape the #10YearChallenge, So Here Are the Best Ones
Photo: Edward Berthelot/GC Images.

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Random trips down memory lane are easier than ever, thanks to the many pictures we shared on social media (and in some cases, forgot about). This month, you’ve likely seen a surge in side-by-side before and after photos posted by literally everyone on your timeline. The short answer: it’s a new “challenge”–though we’d hardly label it something difficult to do–that’s basically #ThrowbackThursday on steroids. So what is the 10 Year Challenge?

The viral movement encourages users to post images from 2009 (or earlier) and 2019 side-by-side to see just how far  they’ve come, aged and beautified or lack thereof. Even if you’re just a spectator, scrolling through the images of those brave enough to take this on is quite entertaining.

While we’re sure all of your friends on social have uploaded their before-and-afters, A-listers are joining in and unsurprisingly garnering the most attention. What’s even less surprising is that a lot of these A-listers look as though they’ve been sipping from a fountain of youth for years.

Don’t believe us? Start scrolling and take a look for yourself.

Gabrielle Union

The actress and new mom turned her’s into a 20-year challenge.

Jessica Biel

Not much has changed, except the hair color.

Viola Davis

We need Viola’s skin care routine.

Reese Witherspoon

Time flies, but Reese’s gorgeous cheekbones remains the same.

Nicki Minaj

Same killer curves, 10 years later.

Lea Michele

We’re not mad at this either.

Kate Hudson

Who knew 10 years ago that we would see this blondie with a buzz cut?


Of course the queen of transformation took part.

Danielle Brooks

Nothing like a good ‘ol glow-up!

Elizabeth Banks

Agreed: blondes have more fun.

Lori Loughlin

Some things never change.

Candace Cameron Bure

Different years. Same beauty.

Janet Jackson

The throwback to end all throwbacks, featuring Keisha Knight Pulliam.

LeeAnn Rimes


Tyra Banks

#10YearChallenge, but make it fashion.

Alison Brie

Same hairstyle, different decade.

Kate Beckinsale

Let’s be honest, 10 years didn’t make a difference.

Isla Fisher

We know her signature look from this comparison. Keep it simple.

Kelly Ripa

We need an appointment with her esthetician, stat.

Jennifer Lopez

It’s official. JLo will never age.