9 Major Benefits of Tantric Massage

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9 Major Benefits of Tantric Massage
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You know what massage is all about—another person works your muscles with just the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and reduce stress. Tantric massage is similar to an extent—however, unlike traditional massage, it’s quite a different experience and involves healing, nudity, your private parts and often orgasms. Do we have your attention yet?

The Basics

Tantric massage is a hands-on practice that differs from traditional massage because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti (also known as energy), says Liisa Maimon, teacher at Somananda Tantra School in Estonia. This form of massage works to remove blockages modern folks face, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic.

While one might think tantric massage is all about mind-blowing orgasms, Maimon wants us first and foremost to realize that orgasms really aren’t the ultimate goal of this type of massage. “While one of the beneficial effects of this sacred practice is increased pleasure and orgasmic potential, this should be a pleasant by-product, not the primary aim,” she explains.

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What’s Tantric Massage Like?

For starters, you’re usually not wearing clothes, says Ulrik Adinatha, one of the founders of the Tantra Temple, located in Denmark. First, you’re massaged all over your body with warm oil. The massage and touch works to awaken your erotic energy and spread it throughout your whole body. “You may experience many different reactions in your body, thoughts and emotions during the massage,” she says. “All reactions are equally welcome and you are free to ask questions or share what you feel along the way.”

Not all tantric massages include the recipient’s genitals, but it’s definitely a thing and can have, shall we say, great results. “You will always be asked beforehand if you feel ready for this part of the massage,” explains Adinatha. “The masseur, using his/her fingers lovingly and respectfully, will proceed to massage and touch of the inner part of your yoni [vulva/vagina] if you feel ready and comfortable.” This, according to Adinatha, allows you to experience a loving, healing and respectful touch without having to give anything back, do something in return or to react in a certain manner.

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The Benefits of Tantra

According to Maimon, there are many benefits to be had from this practice. These can include:

  1. Improvement of health and vitality
  2. Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions of men and women
  3. Alleviation of blocked (or stuck) emotions
  4. Cultivation of contentment and joy
  5. Ignition of a spiritual awakening and realization
  6. Improvement of orgasmic and pleasure potential
  7. Clearing the mind
  8. Reduction of stress
  9. Promotion of relaxation

What to Expect

It’s important to find a practitioner who abides by true tantric rules, as there are folks out there who kind of do their own thing and may not be what you’re looking for. Maimon says there are three fundamental components you can and should expect from a skilled and well-trained therapist.

An energetic force: Maimon says, “A skilled practitioner should have a good understanding about energy — how to sense it, how it works, how to control it, where he or she wants the energy to go and how to get it there.”

A goal of healing: Orgasm should not be the primary goal, although it is a wonderful and freeing by-product, Maimon says. “First and foremost, tantra massage should be a remedial and restorative treatment for releasing blockages and uplifting the soul,” she notes.

Conservation: This means your sexual energy is conserved and not wasted and used for a greater good.

While tantric massage may not be for everybody, it definitely has a following and has been found to be beneficial for many. As Adinatha notes, “A tantra massage is not therapy, but it is profoundly healing for all kinds of inner blockages and old traumas, giving new energy and new perspective.”


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