Rita Ora’s Latest Ensemble Inspires More Questions Than Answers

Lindsey Lanquist
Rita Ora’s Latest Ensemble Inspires More Questions Than Answers
Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty Images.

I’ve written at length about Rita Ora‘s propensity for maximalist, out-of-the-box ensembles. The singer has worn head-to-toe neon green animal prints, a stringy colorful yarn top over fishnet tights and more strange statement sunnies than I can count. But none of her outfits have inspired in me the same immense confusion that her latest look has.

Earlier today, Ora was spotted in London wearing geometric black sunglasses, thigh-high black boots and… something crafted from crisp white fabric. I’ve honestly stared at this get-up on and off for about an hour now, and I keep walking away with more questions than answers.

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Neil Mockford/Getty Images.

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For starters, is it a shirt, a dress or both? One moment, I’m leaning toward “both,” but then I suddenly become very convinced it’s either a super-long shirt or a super-short dress. It feels like it belongs with pants, but also, does it?

Then, regardless of its taxonomy, what is going on with it? I’m seeing a collar on top, billowy ruffles in the back and what appears to be a built-in bolo tie on the neckline. There are also three different fringe elements—the tassels from the bolo tie, the buttoned placket that (for whatever reason) extends beyond the hemline and the cords hanging off the sides that apparently tighten and ruche the bottom of the shirt/dress/shirtdress like it’s a raincoat.

And we haven’t even talked about the sleeves. It seems like there are two sets: one super-long set of crisp button-down sleeves that extend beyond Ora’s hands and one shorter, flowier set that may or may not involve some kind of ruffled detailing.

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My current theory? Ora’s shirt/dress/shirtdress is a 2-in-1. Its base is an oversized white button-down that features a too-long placket and some kind of bolo tie-inspired fixture. And over it (but attached, of course) is a fluffy white raincoat crafted from the same white (probably not waterproof) fabric, that is covered in ruffles, pleats and other avant-garde detailing.

But honestly, who knows?