What Is Aura Photography? Here’s Everything You Need to Know—Including How to Read Yours

What Is Aura Photography? Here’s Everything You Need to Know—Including How to Read Yours
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If you’re enchanted by the dreamy, wispy colors that seem to be emanating from a person’s head and shoulders in an aura photograph, you’ve probably wondered what aura photography is and how it actually works.

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual vibe looks like? Did you know your presence radiates colors that may not be easily seen by the naked eye? Aura photography is a powerful way of understanding the energy you radiate, because knowing yourself is key to creating a better life. No, it’s not a botched photo job; it’s an actual picture of that person’s aura, or their energy, or their “human atmosphere,” as Eileen Lee, founder of Detroit-based photography project AURA AURA calls it.

The practice, which is said to present a visual representation of how we feel on an energetic level, became a sensation a few years ago and has stayed popular ever since. Aura photography, though, has been around since the 1970’s, when Guy Coggins invented the camera that captures the essence of our energy and what we’re putting out into the world.

“We all know what we are going through in our lives, and what we are working on with ourselves,” Lee said. “However, to be able to visually see this in something like a photograph is incredibly powerful, as we are such visual creatures.”

Aura Photography

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How Does Aura Photography Work?

Typically, aura photographers will use a camera called an AuraCam. The cameras look like a box, with two smaller ones the subject places their hands on for the photo. The smaller boxes are metal and laced with silver, allowing a biometric feedback system to create the colors.

“The handplates sense the vibrational frequency that is coming from you, through the meridian points in your hands, and sends all that information to the camera,” Lee said.

aura photography

Courtesy of AURA AURA

That frequency is matched with a corresponding color through an algorithm inside the camera. Then, like a Polaroid, it prints out a photo—though this one is double-exposed, an image of you overlaid with the aura image. The photographer will analyze the photo and tell you what your particular energy is saying.

What Does My Image Say About Me?

An aura image can describe many things about your energy based on the colors and where they’re located. The colors in the aura photographs originate in the chakra system, Lee says, so there are seven main colors: the rainbow hues, ROY G. BIV. But those seven colors can combine to create new ones, as well. This number could even get into the 50s!

The important thing to remember is that there are no “bad” colors—just positive or negative colors, similar to one’s personality or mood.

aura photography

Courtesy of AURA AURA

What Does Each Aura Color Mean?

  • Red: Aligns with the root chakra. Represents fearlessness, passion, materialism, courage, anger, frustration, or exhaustion.
  • Orange: Aligns with the sacral chakra. Represents relationships, joy, friendliness, teamwork, or action.
  • Yellow: Aligns with the solar plexus chakra. Represents confidence, happiness, self-esteem, inspiration, leadership, intelligence, motivation, or generosity.
  • Green: Aligns with the heart chakra. Represents personal growth, healing, peace, balance, responsibility, focus, jealousy, or envy.
  • Blue: Aligns with the throat chakra. Represents intuition, nurturing, protection, sensitivity, positivity, or peace.
  • Indigo: Aligns with the third eye. Represents intuition, inspiration, spirituality, empathy, premonition, curiosity, or self-doubt.
  • Violet: Aligns with the crown chakra. Represents charisma, vision, leadership, wisdom, empathy, spirituality, innovation, or philanthropy.

Where Can I Get One?

Aura photography is available from specialists and at metaphysical shops around the country—a simple Google search will help you find the nearest one to you. Lee’s AURA AURA does pop-up events across the US.

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