What The Hell Is Up With Everybody Wearing Black Veils?


From left to right:Kate Bush on her50 Words for Snow album, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the cover ofVogue’s Best Dressed issue, an image from Jil Sander’s spring 2012 show.

Okay people, what’s the deal? I know that times are tough right now — the economy is still lagging, people are occupying Wall Street (and basically the entire world), there’s only about a year left until the Mayan apocalypse and yes,John Galliano might even be going back to Dior — but hey, does this mean we all have to walk around with black veils over our faces like we’re at an Italian Sicilian funeral or something?

Everyone seems to be sporting this demoralizing accessory as of late. The Olsen twins both adorned black veils on their recent cover for Vogue. Eclectic British vocalist, Kate Bush somberly wears one in a photograph for her new50 Words For Snow album. Even The New York Times is all a buzz about this melancholic trend, citing the black veil as an up-and-coming street style phenomenon already backed by fashion gatekeeper, Anna Dello Russo, who has been photographed wearing one of the veils made by Stephen Jones for Jil Sander’s Spring 2012 Ready to Wear show.

Weird trends are inevitable, and it’s no surprise when fashion people get all dramatic, but don’t you think this whole “woe is me” thing is getting kind of depressing? Shouldn’t we be saving the black veils for a time when there’s actually something to grieve about?

I mean, come December 21st of next year, if the earth is a doomed raging ball of fire, maybe then it would be a more appropriate time to whip out the black veils.Until then, I personally think that they would be better put to use to stir up a gothic bride trend as an anti-fairytale wedding protest.

Would you jump on the black veil bandwagon or is this accessory just too dispiriting to handle?