What Has Jeff Lowe Been up to Since ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix? Well, Definitely More Mayhem

Jeff Lowe of Netflix's 'Tiger King'
Photo: Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and MadnessAs if Netflix’s latest docuseries couldn’t have had a more telling title, let’s just say that what happened to Jeff Lowe after Tiger King on Netflix is still the stuff of absolute mayhem. Joe Exotic’s investor-turned-enemy has kept up his act as the righteous “savior” when it comes to all things Tiger King, no matter the cost or contradictions.

There’s no doubt that the most-watched launch on the giant streaming platform has gotten to that point mostly because of its wild cast of characters—and no, we’re not talking about the tigers themselves. It’s guys like Jeff Lowe, his spiritually inclined counterpart Bhagavan “Doc” Antle and jailed collaborator Joe “Tiger King” Exotic that drove the views. But when the show’s all over (at least for now, while we wait for updates on season 2), what are fans left with to hold themselves over?

Well, lucky enough for the Tiger King obsessed, Mr. Lowe has been especially keen lately to keep everyone up to date on his life. Here’s everything we know about Joe Exotic’s archnemesis today.

Jeff Lowe is still running Joe Exotic’s zoo.

After Joe Exotic was convicted on murder-for-hire and various animal abuse charges, we know from Tiger King that Jeff Lowe—a fellow big cat owner—went from owning a stake in his Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Memorial Park to suddenly owning the whole thing. You know, after conspiring with the feds to take Joe down, that is.

To add insult to injury, Jeff Lowe and his wife, Lauren Lowe, have since reopened the park under a different name: the Greater Wynnewood Zoo, or the G.W. Zoo. While the initials remain the same, Joe Exotic’s title in memory of his late brother is now missing.

According to one of Tiger King’s producers, while the G.W. Zoo is still operational, it isn’t doing too hot. Eric Goode revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Jeff Lowe is effectively running “on fumes.”

“I got a very long text today from Jeff Lowes, who is running Joe’s old zoo,” Goode said. “All I can tell you is that he is basically operating on fumes. No one is going now, and there’s no source of income, and that’s been going on for a long time.”

He’s also a father now.

In recent interviews with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima and actor David Spade, Jeff and his wife, Lauren, introduced fans of the docuseries to their daughter. She was born after filming for Tiger King wrapped.

Jeff and his wife have indeed hired a “hot nanny.”

Remember how Jeff said that if he were ever to get a nanny for his child, she’d have to be a “hot” one? Well, it looks like he’s made good on that plan along with his wife, Lauren. The pair hired a social media influencer, Masha Diduk, as their daughter’s nanny. Diduk has since been introduced on the couple’s Instagram profile, @oklahoma_zoo.

“She’s just a sweet girl who’s helping us out,” Jeff told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. Apparently, he and his wife have not slept with the girl “yet.” When asked about it, Lauren said, “not yet… that’s later.”

He’s planning to let Joe’s facilities “die” with him.

According to Oklahoma’s News 4, Jeff revealed his plans to distance his facilities from the Tiger King as much as possible. “We think it’s best to let this zoo die with Joe’s conviction and not make the next generation of animals to live here, forever suffer his outrageous behavior and reputation,” he wrote in a Facebook post at the time.

Instead, Jeff and wife Lauren have planned to reinvent the animal park and their animal empire by opening their own Oklahoma Zoo, set to open to the public in Summer 2020.