What Girls Like… A Rebuttal


Ok so this is actually going to be more of a “what girls hate” type of article, but just go with it. After getting an earful yesterday from my male friends about the many, many things girls do wrong, I took it upon myself to prepare a little rebuttal. If we’re being totally honest here, this list could go on forever but I was kind enough to keep it to just fashion and grooming mistakes. Dating mistakes will have to be a whole ‘nother article…stay tuned for that one! I had to enlist the help of some of my girlfriends for this one, and this is what we came up with:

Dear boys,
We hate…

  • Pants you can unzip into shorts newsflash, you’re not in 7th grade anymore
  • Pretty much anything Abercrombie & Fitch this includes shirts that say things like “A & F Baseball 1996” on them, polo shirts with that stupid moose on it, and those awful sandals.
  • “Dear Abercrombie, your sandals aren’t rugged. They’re heinous. Sincerely, Kathryn Jaffe.”
  • Sneakers you would hike in
  • Square-toe shoes… I mean, come on!
  • Cargo shorts or pants they’re not utilitarian, they’re ugly
  • Short-sleeved button downs there’s nothing sexy about this
  • Those sandals with the thick, orthopedic soles that open beer bottles from the bottom. They’re not cute and I don’t want the bottom of your shoe on the mouth of my beer, thanks!
  • Leather necklaces, hemp necklaces, beaded necklaces… actually, most guys can’t pull off necklaces of any sort. I said MOST, not all. Only the cool ones can.
  • When guys tie their shoelaces too tight… What are you so worried about? Do you really need to run that fast? Plus it makes your shoes look like they dont fit. What are you trying to hide? Dee Grossmann
  • Football jerseys youre not on the team, you didnt make the cut, so get over it. And no one looks good in maroon and gold Dee
  • Tattoos of superheros or Yankee symbols. I cant even get into this. More Dee
  • Rocking a unibrow… HATE that
  • Skinny jeans! Men shouldn’t wear super skinny jeans they can be lean but not skin tight. My apologies to Brooklyn. Kerry Pieri
  • I hate if guys don’t wear good shoes. I mean, like, if you’re wearing clogs, then we’re not speaking. Rachel Adler
  • I generally hate when boys dress as if they’re going camping in the city. Like those effing waterproof shoes! Janice Chou
  • Wearing your pants halfway down your butt so your boxers show!! Gentleman, congrats for putting on underwear, but we don’t need to see it…pull ya pants up!! Micalea Mazzarella
  • Mirrored sunglasses… according to Dee, you’re not Kanye!
  • Suits that don’t fit too small, too big either way, tailor your damn suits!
  • Leather jackets unless you’re super-hipster, you can’t pull this off
  • Denim jackets… ew. No boy should own one… ever!
  • Wide ties… a no no!
  • Trying to wear a bow tie in an ironic way, but you just look dumb because you’re wearing a bowtie Dee Grossmann