What Does A ‘No Bones Day’ Mean? Meet Noodle, The Pug Calling The Shots

Bella Gerard
What Does A ‘No Bones Day’ Mean? Meet Noodle, The Pug Calling The Shots
Photo: Courtesy of @jongraz/Instagram.

I’ve been blessed to be on Noodle TikTok for more than a few months now, but all of a sudden, it seems like my social media-challenged friends are texting me asking the same exact question: What does a ‘No Bones Day’ mean? If you’ve found yourself asking the same question—or scrolling through TikTok comments searching for answers—allow me to break down the magic of Noodle the pug and his mystical, magical bones.

OK, first things first: Noodle isn’t actually magical. He’s just extremely cute! The 13-year-old pug belongs to Jonathan Graziano, who runs the TikTok account @jongraz, which has skyrocketed to 2.2 million followers and counting now that his sweet pup has gone totally viral.

For quite some time, Graziano has determined how good or bad a day will be based on whether or not Noodle wakes up with bones. Of course, Noodle always has bones, in a literal sense; he just can’t always be bothered to use them. Each morning, Graziano wakes his pup and attempts to lift Noodle to his feet.

If he stands, it’s a Bones Day—ripe with productivity, a time to treat yourself, take chances and enjoy. If he flops back to a cozy resting position, it’s a No Bones Day—less-than-ideal, a day to call in sick, skip anything risky and definitely refrain from texting your ex. Bones Days are exciting and fulfilling, while No Bones Days are low-risk, low-reward.

Graziano and Noodle’s ritual was mostly private up until the pug catapulted to TikTok fame. Now, it’s something millions of fans can enjoy. Even here at STYLECASTER, we’ve found ourselves praying for Bones Days to motivate us on the daily. On a Bones Day, you’ll find me pumping out articles, handling extra assignments and taking charge in meetings.

That said, No Bones Days are just as real. “I relate to Noodle’s no bones day when I literally cannot leave the couch,” says beauty writer Elizabeth Denton. Jenzia Burgos, our Entertainment Editor, chooses to see No Bones Days not as bad days, but as time to regroup: “Noodle’s no bones days remind me that it’s OK to rest and recharge—especially so that I can be ready for every (let’s be real, rare) Bones day.”

While I’m a total Noodle stan, it’s worth noting that he isn’t the only famous pug to break the Internet. Doug the Pug did it first! According to The Boston Globe, Graziano is a huge Doug the Pug fan as well, although Doug doesn’t seem to possess Noodle’s oracle-level qualities.

Bottom line? The next time you think about getting a tarot reading, checking your horoscope or even the temperature, head to Graziano’s TikTok for the real scoop on whether you’re in for a good day or a bad one. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy videos of a very cute dog, which is a win in itself. We love you, Noodle!

And in case you’re wondering, per Noodle, today is in fact a No Bones Day. Hope you’re handling it well!

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