What Does A Virgo Look Like? The Physical Appearance Of This Earth Sign, Explained By An Astrologer

Meghan Rose
What Does A Virgo Look Like? The Physical Appearance Of This Earth Sign, Explained By An Astrologer
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When was the last time you saw someone and thought “They look just like a Virgo”? Has it ever crossed your mind that someone can actually “look” and act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring light to this feeling, because when you realize what a Virgo looks like, this concept will begin to make more sense.

Astrology can act as a powerful key that unlocks insight into how people look, act, dress and decorate their living spaces. Their style all depends on the way their zodiac signs and planetary placements align! When someone has dominant Virgo placements—such as sun, moon or rising—they tend to embody their planetary ruler: Mercury, planet of communication, technology, and intellect. This analytical and logical energy can be seen through many aspects of a Virgo’s life. Mercury, which naturally rules the third house of communication, enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together, which explains why Virgos are famous for their practical and pragmatic mindset.

Let’s also not forget that Virgo naturally rules the sixth house of health, wellness and daily rituals. This means that people born under Virgo—especially Virgo rising—may look *very* different from year to year, as their day-to-day activities are constantly shifting. Virgo dominant people often find comfort in expressing new versions of themselves over time and their ever-evolving lifestyles support that theory.

However, Virgos may not approach their life and sense of style as the textbook nit-picky, perfectionist, clean freak that you’ve probably heard about. Their modern approach to living is a lot more interesting than the way Virgo’s have historically been described.

What Does A Virgo Look Like? Zendaya

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The Physical Appearance Of Virgo

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos rely on their intellect to lead them through life. Due to this, people born under Virgo usually have a wide-set forehead. Their face shapes, however, lean more oval shaped. Think Beyoncé, Keanu Reeves and Blake Lively who all possess typical Virgo features such as elongated and prominent foreheads that sit above their angelic (and almond-shaped) eyes.

Not only angelic and almond-shaped, Virgos are also known for being captivating people with their otherworldly gaze. When we look at the “Virgin/Vixen” complex that Virgos embody, they have the undeniable gift of stop people in their tracks with a mere glance. Think of Salma Hayek, who was once cast as Frida Kahlo, famously known for her arresting unibrow. Who else could bring as much attention to her unforgettable forehead besides a Virgo?

Typical Virgo features include elongated and prominent foreheads that sit above their angelic (and almond-shaped) eyes.

By now, we’ve all sang along to “Virgo Groove”, which was recently released by the the one and only Beyoncé. She has everyone changing their go-to makeup routine with the silver eyeliner look that she recently donned at her the release party for her album Renaissance (2022). All in all, “it’s in the eyes, Chico” as famous Neptune in Virgo, Al Pacino, once said.

What Does A Virgo Look Like? Keanu Reeves Zodiac

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Described as more of the straight-forward and meticulous type, you can spot a Virgo’s personality traits by considering their physical form. Notice their prominent cheekbones and small, but defined, chin, as well as a strong jawline that projects a rational, problem-solving sort of vibe. For example: Consider the wide forehead combined with a dainty yet pointed chin that Zendaya (born on September 1) exhibits! Another stunning example of Virgo facial features can be seen in KeKe Palmer (born on August 26), as she has the elegant and oval-shaped face that this Mercury-ruled sign famously touts.

Due to Virgo’s association with the sixth house, their wellness and physical health are usually a point of focus. Whether that is a healthy focus or not is completely up to each individual Virgo. For this reason, most will tend to go through fluctuations in their diet, weight and health until as they work on building a stronger relationship with their bodies. Virgo rules the stomach so you may be drawn to their belly area—think defined waists, belly-button piercings, notably toned abdominal muscles or holding excessive weight in their stomach. They are prone to digestive issues such as ulcers, acid reflux and food sensitivities due to their tummy rulership, so if you have Virgo placements be sure to eat in a way that makes your gut feel good!

What Does A Virgo Look Like Beyonce

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The Fashion Sense Of Virgo

Aligning with their symbol—the maiden—Virgos tend to have the appearance of purity and youthfulness in the way they dress. They lean toward cleanliness and simplicity in their wardrobe, and you’ll find them learning toward neutral colors and natural fabrics (such as cotton, linen, wool, cashmere). Just think of famed Virgo rising, Emma Watson, who’s known for her elegant and professional outfits that radiate precision and cleanliness.

Virgos are a mutable sign, meaning that they go with the flow and tend to mirror other people’s energies more often than other zodiac signs. Virgos will pick up style and fashion inspo from the icons they idolize with total accuracy! However, they’ll always add their own bit of unique flair to the ensemble. Keywords for a Virgo’s sense of style? Natural, clean, organic, simple, eco-friendly, pure and classic. Being the natural-born perfectionists they are, Virgos like to dedicate themselves to their chosen path with laser-sharp focus, and once they settle on an overall aesthetic, it becomes a part of their identity.

What Does A Virgo Look Like? Emma Watson

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If a certain Virgo gravitates more toward their virginal side, they’ll often be modest, reserve, and classy in the way they dress. This is keeping in line with their desire to be perceived as balanced and well-mannered. These traits can show up in the way that they dress with timeless pieces (think a Chanel flap, building a capsule wardrobe or wearing professional pieces like oxford shirts, tailored pants and a pair of classic pointed-toe heels).

Keywords for a Virgo’s sense of style? Natural, clean, organic, simple, eco-friendly, pure and classic.

However, as we note from the Virgo’s “Virgin/Vixen complex”, the flip side of their style is expressed through the Vixen, who likes to come out to play from time to time with leather pants, chain jewelry, stiletto heels, and plunging necklines. Madonna (who has a Virgo moon) was known as a pop sex symbol, but also sang “Like a Virgin” just to further prove this point! Virgos enjoy letting their freak flag fly in private and tend only to accentuate their sexual side in the shadows. You can catch them more scantilly-clad at speakeasies or costume parties, but many will also save this attire for the privacy of their own bedroom.

Madonna Virgo Moon

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When a Virgo leans into their “natural side” that comes from being an earth sign that is dedicated to growth, healing and wellness, Virgos are more likely to be caught wearing workout sets, yoga pants, running shoes and Birkenstocks. They may enjoy accessorizing with crystals, messy hair, tattoos, and piercings than most folks. Being the natural ruler of the sixth house, Virgos are either all or nothing when it comes to their health and wellness routines—even down to their attire!

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