What Does a Sagittarius Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Fire Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

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What Does a Sagittarius Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Fire Sign, Explained By an Astrologer
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Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, that person looks like a Sagittarius”? Has it ever crossed your mind why someone may “look” or act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by explaining what a Sagittarius looks like!

Astrology is typically a great tool to understand the way that people will look, act, dress and decorate their living spaces depending on their sign. When someone has dominant Sagittarius placements (especially personal planets such as their sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars or Venus) they tend to embody their planetary ruler: Jupiter the planet of blessings, optimism, success and prosperity. They have warm and buoyant faces—think of Miley Cyrus or Chrissy Teigen with their wide, show-stopping smiles. Or fellow Sagittarians Tina Turner and Britney Spears who, even through adversity, bring light and joy to millions just with their presence alone. 

Sagittarius—a mutable fire sign—also naturally governs the ninth house of higher education, travel, foreign matter and philosophy. Think of former The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart (born on November 28) who was known for his Sagittarius humor, bluntness and information sharing. And with Centaurs being half-horse/half-man, we can see these physical features in Stewart as well with his oval-shaped face, strong nose and sizable eyes. Sagittarius people are captivating in all of the right ways, but it’s not just their personalities that bring them so much attention… read on below to understand why!

Britney Spears Sagittarius

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The Physical Appearances of Sagittarius

Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion brings Sagittarius people a different kind of appearance than any other member of the zodiac. Like centaurs, these folks usually have fit bodies, dominant noses and like horses, a sort of closely set and beautiful pair of eyes. When we look at some famous Sagittarians we can see these traits aligning in their facial structures; Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, Lucy Liu, Ben Stiller and Kaley Cuoco all have these irresistible features. They are bright, vibrant and bring happiness to the people around them when they are free to be themselves. Because they are philosophical and natural rulers of the ninth house of higher education, you will typically find that most Sagittarius people have a large forehead—all the better to store those fun facts and witty jokes!

You cannot out-shine a Sagittarius when it comes to humor or theatrics. They will look, dress and behave the part!

Because Sagittarius energy usually brings a sense of humor with an ever-present dash of drama, we can start to pick up on this with their extremely expressive faces. Think of Sagittarius icon, Nicki Minaj, who features in Kanye West’s hit song “Monster”. In the video Minaj steals a whole scene by showing a range of emotive facial expressions and even embodies the fact that Sagittarius is the sister sign to famous “twins”, Gemini, by playing both the captor and her own hostage. You cannot out-shine a Sagittarius when it comes to humor or theatrics They will look, dress and behave the part! They like to have loud, vibrant hair, make-up, and jewelry choices around their faces to bring more focus onto their “blessed” features.

Nicki Minaj Sagittarius

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In traditional Astrology, Sagittarius is said to rule over the hips and thighs, like Shakira, who has a natal Neptune placement in Sagittarius, their hips don’t lie! These centaurs know how to keep their body built properly and enjoy physical activities that promote strength like weight lifting, dancing, swimming, hiking and tennis. They are naturally built with lower body strength and do well to capitalize on that with their lifestyle choices.

Taylor Swift Sagittarius

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You would be hard-pressed to meet a Sagittarius who didn’t have nice calves, thighs and hips. On the other side of the hips is the lower back. When Sagittarius women accentuate their back with tight fitting or backless clothing, it’s truly a sight to see, especially since they’re often tall, like Taylor Swift. Tyra Banks, another famous Sagittarius, stunned us in 2001 at the 7th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards with a backless purple piece and we still can’t forget about it two decades later! From here, we understand why it’s so important to let Sag people run wild and free… and about 10 steps ahead of us at all times so we can marvel at their physiques.  A Sagittarius does not need to be thin or muscular, regardless of their shape or size, you will still find yourself in awe of their body, brain and fiery spirit. 

Shakira Sagittarius

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The Fashion Sense of Sagittarius

Worldly, cultured, brilliant and bold are just a few descriptive words of a Sagittarius person’s wardrobe. They are drawn to fabrics, brands  and designers from far away lands and do well to expand their knowledge of what they wear and enjoy over time. They are undoubtedly critical and discerning and this shows up in their style as well. They won’t wear just anything! It’s important for a Sagittarius person to light up a room, but unlike their fellow fire sign Leo, it’s not to bait attention but to further embrace their unique spirit—just look at the free-spirited and mysterious fashion sense of Zoe Kravitz, a downright gorgeous Sagittarius.

Zoe Kravitz Sagittarius

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As a mutable sign they are both adaptable and flexible, so it is not uncommon for them to buy an outfit for a one-off experience and never wear it again. Think about how Sagittarius, Brad Pitt, has a habit of dressing like his partners through the years!

Brad Pitt Sagittarius

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Although they are fire signs, Sagittarians enjoy feeling and looking grounded. Wearing pieces that come from natural sources and promote a grounded lifestyle are very important to these folks. Think cotton, linen, wood and metal jewelry, straw hats, hiking shoes, work boots as well as leather. They need a balancing act to avoid burning out with their fiery internal flame.

Some Sagittarius-approved staples would include:

  • Bright colors
  • Internationally sourced fabrics
  • Designer pieces
  • Leather boots, coats, pants
  • Clothing and accessories that they purchased on vacation
  • Glasses (to promote the “philosophical” look)
  • Running shoes, work boots, hiking shoes to keep them on the move
  • Stilettos to show off their well-defined calves
  • A bold lipstick to draw you to their vibrant smiles (think of Sagittarius Janelle Monae or Amanda Seyfried for inspo)
  • Adaptable pieces that can be worn in several different ways (they are capsule wardrobe aficionados)
  • Clothing with dramatic slits, necklines and silhouettes
  • Real gold jewelry
  • Rubies, diamonds, emeralds and other high-value, naturally occurring stones

Wherever you find a Sagittarius in the world, you can expect them to stand out in a multitude of ways. From their smiles, to their eyes, to their clothing, to their demeanor—you won’t forget a Sagittarius! They bring the same level of luck and optimism that they were born with into every interaction and outfit they adorn. Be sure to compliment them on the pieces that standout, so they know it’s okay to wear things more than once!

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