What Does a Libra Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Air Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

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What Does a Libra Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Air Sign, Explained By an Astrologer
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Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “That person looks like a Libra!”? Has it ever crossed your mind why someone may “look” or act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by describing exactly what a Libra looks like!

Astrology can tell you so much about the way people look, act, dress and even decorate their living space. It all comes down to their birth chart. When someone has dominant Libra placements—especially personal planets such as their sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus—they tend to embody the energy of their planetary ruler: Venus, planet of love, sex, beauty and money.

This is even more emphasized if you happen to be a Libra rising, as the rising sign is considered the window to a person’s soul and describes your overall appearance. And Venus—the planet that governs taste, style and fashion sense—is an unironically *beautiful* ruling planet for a person to have. Regardless of gender, Venus rules divine feminine energy, making Libra people appear more creative, charismatic, flirtatious and soft in both their appearance and attire.

Libra, a cardinal air sign, is also associated with the seventh house of connection, relationships and marriage. This means that Libra folks will usually shine brightest when they’re involved in the right partnerships (business, romantic, and otherwise). One of their main pleasures in life is attracting admirers with their charm. However, their appearance alone is often enough to attract suitors, friends and opportunities with ease. Their sense of style is balanced, chic, inspirational and more than capable of setting the next trend… read on below to understand why!

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The Physical Appearance of Libra

Being ruled by Venus, Libras will often take a lot of pride in their appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean they demand attention, but they attract it without trying! Their soft and gentle appearance comes across as well-balanced, symmetrical faces and supple features. They will usually have full cheekbones, plump lips, almond shaped eyes, attractive smiles and luscious hair. It’s uncommon to find a Libra that doesn’t catch your eye with their natural beauty and allure. Libra women are usually proportionate, but because of their desire to embody beauty, they’re often more prone to make changes to their appearance, such as through cosmetic surgeries and physical enhancements.

The one common “flaw” in the appearance of Libra people is that they are usually cursed with a Venus thumb. In palmistry, the Venus mound sits at the base of the thumb and represents the warmth within us, as Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. The extension of this mound is the thumb, and as folklore would tell, this is the one way that Venus could embody human imperfection is by having an unattractive thumb, so you will sometimes ironically see a stubby, crooked, or wide-set thumb on most Libra people!

Libras take a lot of pride in their appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean they demand attention, but they attract it without trying!

The faces of a Libra will usually be either heart-shaped or oval-shaped, with well-fitting features placed encased within their facial plane. Like famous Libra Kim Kardashian, who’s whole appearance is centered on symmetry, femininity and a well-defined nose, which are all Venusian qualities. She further radiates Libra energy through her shape-wear, makeup and skincare products, which are all geared toward making people feel beautiful. After all, a Libra’s whole life purpose is creating a more aesthetically-pleasing reality.

Another well-known example of Libra qualities showing up in the physical appearance of a person is Titanic starlet, Kate Winslet. Portrayed as a goddess-like beauty, Winslet is often cast as characters who radiate Venusian allure with her plump pout, rosy cheeks, almond eyes and near-perfect skin. She radiates romance in every role she takes, which is so very Libra of her.

Kate Winslet

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Due to their association with relationships, you will usually see a different side of a Libras during and after a relationship. They can be considered the origin point of the mystical “breakup glow” and the coveted “revenge body”. They take pride in keeping their confidence in check through tending to their outer appearance. Take Britney Spears for example, who’s a Libra rising. Now that she’s finally married to the man she wants to be with, you can see a certain glow or radiance coming through her appearance these days. Libra’s truly light the way for the rest of the zodiac to understand that “vanity” is simply a construct imparted by those who don’t want you to shine. They encourage everyone else to prioritize beauty as a sacred ritual and an unwavering principle, because beauty is not about being perfect.

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The Fashion Sense of Libra

Beautiful, well-curated, and feminine. Libra’s wardrobes will have you stopping in your tracks, questioning everything you took as absolute fashion truths. They are classic and subtle while defining style on a societal level. Think Bella Hadid’s fearless streetwear style or the iconic Julie Andrews, who radiates Libra class. Libra’s start and finish all fashion trends and make sure that they leave an unforgettable impression on each room they walk into.

Every Libra has their own set of funds, but they manage to radiate a certain prestige even if they’re balling on a budget.

Libras will define themselves with timeless pieces. They enjoy luxury goodies and outfits that they can feel proud of. Although each Libra’s individual style will differ from one to the next, they can be sure to be photo-ready every time they leave their home (or even just to jump on a quick Facetime call). They do not enjoy being caught in something that would embarrass them, especially if they’re wearing something they couldn’t justify buying, as though they’re showing off every time they get dressed. Some “Libra approved” staples would be: a little black dress dainty pieces of jewelry, a spritz of their favorite (albeit expensive) perfume, matching sweat suits and overall, anything feels elegant or calming. A silk button up top or cashmere sweater would make a Libra’s heart sing.

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Every Libra has their own set of funds, but they manage to radiate a certain prestige even if they’re balling on a budget. And if any sign can make something look more expensive than it truly is, you can count on a Libra for a high-low fashion dupe! These Venusian folks can go into a thrift shop and come out with a new outfit looking like they broke the bank. It’s less about the price tag and more about the value & quality for a Libra when they’re building or adding to their wardrobe. Overall: a Libra can never walk through life without their appearance or wardrobe being noticed. They are born from the planet of beauty, and they live their whole life through that same, pretty lens.

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