What To Buy For Your Resident Hipster For The Holidays

Liz Doupnik
What To Buy For Your Resident Hipster For The Holidays
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Shopping for your resident hipster can be seriously tricky. Not only do you have to face the ironic snarkiness and sarcasm if your gift is a flop, but you can end up spending a load on some seriously pretentious obscure item you’re forced to find halfway around the world online.

We decided to do you a favor and save you the hassle of hunting down a prezzie for the person who may not have everything, but acts like they know everything (and don’t mind reminding you about it on a regular basis). Who knows, you might even find an item or two for your own wish list…

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PBR: A standard cornerstone in any hipster's diet. You will never fail in supplying a can, case or keg.

I'm pretty sure it's a hipster's requirement to reference Clueless in some capacity. Ms. Silverstone just came out with her own vegan cookbook. Worlds of hipsters collide. Can we say two birds, one stone?

The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet, $19.79, at Amazon.

Considering that most of their socks have holes in them, they not only provide an ironic detail, they're a desperately needed item in their drawer.

Hue Argyle sock, $6, at Hue.

Most likely your boy hipster will have some facial hair they'll want to trim ...eventually. Why not supply them with the tool for when they (finally) get around to it?

Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer, $44.99, at Philips.

To be played ironically at a holiday party. Obviously.

N'SYNC 'Home for Christmas' album, $19.55, at Amazon.

Fair trade coffee from any local shop will suffice, but we strongly suggest a brew from the Williamsburg hipster fav, Gimme Coffee.

French Roast blend, $12, at Gimme Coffee.

Even if they're not literary snobs, they can look like it by toting this Strand bookstore bag. We suggest using it yourself before giving it to your hipster for the perfect level of distress and dirt.

Strand Tote bag, $14.95, at Strand Books.

Help a sister or brother out. You know they're not taking cabs (way too harsh on the environment!), so why not make their morning commute a little less pricey and buy them an unlimited pass?

Metropass, $104, at your local NYC or city metro stops.

Part of the uniform!

Chuck Taylor All Star, $50, at Converse.

A gift card to Urban Outfitters. Duh.

Gift Card, price at your own risk, at Urban Outfitters.

Get 'em going early and surprise them with tickets to Brooklyn Vegan's Holiday party at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Anna Calvi tickets, $8 (in advance), at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Hiding those serious under-eye circles from a late night in a corner dive has never looked better with the standard Wayfarer.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, $145, at Ray-Ban.

Music nerds of the world unite! Your hipster can listen to their seriously eclectic tunes on-the-go in these headphones made for surround sound duds.

K 830 BT Headphones, $249.95, at AKG Shop.

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