What Andrej Pejic ACTUALLY Wore To Meet The Queen!

Spencer Cain

This officially makes my day. Sorry, this officially makes my entire life. A few weeks ago, news broke that Andrej Pejic would be meeting Queen Elizabeth at a dinner party on October 13th at Buckingham Palace. Andrej was one of a few big-name Aussies from the fashion industry who was invited to break bread with Big E before she heads to the wonderful land of Oz. Naturally, we immediately speculated over what they would talk about, and of course, what he would wear.

I was waiting with bated breath to hear about what he actually wore, and better yet to see an image. Sadly, no pictures have surfaced as of yet, but Vogue UK chatted with the androgynous icon as he got ready.”I’m wearing a Paul Smith blazer, because I wanted to wear at least one British designer, with a vintage Versace pencil skirt and just some heels,” he said. “I wanted to just be myself – androgynous – and play with the masculine blazer and pencil skirt. It’s also a bit nineties, which I love.”

Lord have mercy on us all. Andrej certainly has balls to rock an outfit that a secretary at a law firm would wear. I’m glad he was himself though. Now, if only we had a recording of their conversation…

UPDATE: We now have an image. See above, courtesy of DNA Models.