We’re Calling It: Nicki Minaj Will Be This Year’s Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

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A still from Minaj’s “Anaconda” video.

So, Nicki Minaj is performing at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, and—considering we had to force our eyeballs back into their sockets after watching her naked-assed ‘Anaconda’ video—we’re betting she’ll take Miley Cyrus‘ place as the reigning queen of VMA raunch.

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In case you’ve expunged it from your brain, Miley conducted her official Hannah Montana exorcism at last year’s VMAs, when she made the Parent’s Television Council have multiple heart attacks thanks to her twerking, grinding, and foam finger gyrating. And—because the VMAs wouldn’t be the VMAs without one major pop culture moment, we’re betting Nicki will be this year’s headline-maker, despite the fact that the PTC is urging MTV to give the awards show an appropriate rating for the amount of sexual content it will contain.

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According to The Wrap, the conservative media watchdog group sent a letter to MTV and Viacom chastising last year’s show for getting a TV-14 rating, rather than a TV-MA, and wants the network to commit publicly that the program will not contain the type of explicit sexual content present in last year’s show.

No word on what this year’s VMA broadcast will be rated, but we have a feeling Nicki and her butt kind of have to make a shocking appearance, since she already set the raunch bar pretty high for herself with the release of “Anaconda.”

We knew the video wasn’t going to be tame (c’mon, she promoted it with a photo of what’s essentially her naked ass)—and we’re far from pearl-clutching grandmas, but it still shocked us with its blatant sex-and-nudity theme. In it, Nicki writhes around in nearly nothing while denouncing all the “skinny bitches in the club,” twerks in booty shorts, raps in thong bikinis, gyrates on a chair, and gives Drake a lap dance. To appear on the VMA stage and not do something shocking would be, well, shocking. But maybe that’s MTV’s tactic this year.