Welcome to the Jungle: The Catoralist Puts Cat In Catwalk

Liz Doupnik

I have a secret: I’m pretty sure I’m an animal whisperer. My dog and I chat over the latest accessories (her favorite is a red headband) and my two cats have enough attitude to put Naomi Campbell to shame. So, when I stumbled upon the Catoralist the other night, I finally felt that there was someone out there who might, just MIGHT understand my animal obsession.

The photographs are actually beautifully shot — none of that iPhone/Blackberry uploading business for this blogger. The collars could easily be seen on any “IT” girl wrist and the smeyes puts Tyra to shame. The descriptions are beyond too – Ready for Summer and Own It are just a couple that couldn’t be more perfect.

Are you the next Catoralist or Doggie Bubble? We’d love to see!