The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Fashion Moments of 2018: A Roundup

The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Fashion Moments of 2018: A Roundup

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If you thought 2016 was a Dumpster fire, you were shook when 2017 rolled around. By 2018, you probably even came to expect it. But did you expect skanky royal wedding dress knockoffs? How about puffer-coats-turned-ballgowns? Flip-flop socks?

Long story short, the headline says it all: 2018 was weird as fuck, and while fashion didn’t necessarily suffer, it definitely took a few weird turns here and there. It was nearly as unpredictable as it was expensive—and we’ve got receipts to prove it.

Interested in a good chuckle and a quick trip down memory lane? You’re in luck. Here’s a visual recap of fashion’s highlight reel this year. Because 2018’s most iconic fashion moments were as weird as they were wonderful—and we honestly can’t look away.

kendall jenner ankle bag The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Fashion Moments of 2018: A Roundup

Photo: Instagram (@kendalljenner).

1. Society’s Unhealthy Obsession With Belt Bags

#TBT to when Kendall Jenner wore a teeny, tiny and oh-so trendy belt bag on her ankle. Seriously, guys, that’s when you know we have a problem.

Celebrity Biker Shorts

Photo: Christian Vierig For Entertainment/Getty Images.

2. People Wearing Bike Shorts as Pants—A Lot

Courtesy of American royalty Kim Kardashian West, the bike shorts trend took the fashion world by absolute storm in 2018. But are biker shorts really pants? Jury’s out. All we know is they’re supposed to be just as big next year as they were this year. Cheers.

kim kardashian kanye west

Photo: Chesnot For WireImage/Getty Images.

3. Tiny Sunglasses, but Then Also Giant Sunglasses

Wasn’t Kanye the one who said to wear tiny sunglasses in the first place? So why start this trend now, Kim?!

4. Dressing Like a Race Car Driver

Vroom, vroom, bitches. (Disclaimer: This is not Halloween. It’s just, like, regular clothes.)

5. Wearing Veils to… Not Your Wedding

Halsey, Rita Ora and Bella Hadid all capitalized on this decades-old trend in 2018. Is it the ’90s? Are they getting married? We just don’t know what’s happening anymore.

6. Puffer Coats Everything

Puffer coats, puffer bags, puffer skirts, puffer ball gowns. Is there anything that can’t be pufferized? All signs point to no.

7. Celebs Stepping Out in Enormous Pink Dresses

Also, Lady Gaga. Also also, Beyoncé. Also also also, Kendall Jenner. Don’t get us wrong, we love enormous pink everything. But it’s happening kind of a lot lately.

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I like big sweaters and I cannot lie

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8. Popcorn Sweaters (Wait, Is That Really What They’re Called?)

Are we supposed to eat them?

9. Justin Bieber Wearing Hotel Slippers in Public

It’s not weird to keep the complimentary slippers you get at a hotel. It is weird to wear them in public with regular clothes.

10. The Existence of Flip-Flop Socks

Definitely just weird. Not wonderful.

meghan markle

Photo: Pinterest.

11. Sexy Meghan Markle Halloween Costumes

If you don’t already want to laugh/cry at this point in the list, you definitely do now.


Photo: Pinterest.

12. Disney Villains Walking at NYFW

I shook. You shook. He, she, we shook. (This one is definitely wonderful.)

13. Stilettos Posing as Crocs (or Crocs Posing as Stilettos)

Are they even comfy? Are they even cute? (OK, no on that last one. But still. It felt right to ask.)


Photo: Pinterest.

14. The Most… Interesting Runway Season… Ever?

Three boobs? Yeah, whatevs. Pregnant dudes? Cool, cool. You’re confused? Yeah, well, wonderful might be a stretch here.

15. FLOTUS Wearing an “I Really Don’t Care” Jacket to Visit Immigrant Children at a Border Detention Center

Is the country over this? Because we’re not. We’re simply not over it. And while this one certainly isn’t wonderful, it definitely incited countrywide wonder.