Weird Spring Shopping Trend: Swimsuits You Can’t Swim In?


This morning I came across an interesting post on SheFinds, in which the author discussed a Herv Lger swimsuit that A) costs over a thousand dollars, and B) isn’t waterproof. My first thought? This is hilarious. My second? I bet I can easily find more fashion-y, expensive swimwear that isn’t supposed to get wet. Turns out I was totally right.

On Net-A-Porter alonewhere SheFinds found said bathing suitI found a wide array of pricey, for-show-only beachwear. They carry crocheted suits from Missoni that range from $365 to $715, and the only Herv option that’s in stock costs a whopping $1050. All of these pieces include the following instructions in the notes: “To get the best from your beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water.”

Out of curiousity, I checked out a few other luxury shopping sites to scope out some more Herv styles and prices, and found this interesting tidbitnone of the other stores suggest that you can’t wear your new purchase in the pool. At least Net-A-Porter is being up front, because if I ruined my thousand-dollar swimsuit by actually swimming in it, I would be livid.

Even if you’re yachting in the South of France or lounging by the pool at a party in Las Vegas, what are the chances you’re not going to get weteven if it’s just because some asshole splashes you to be funny? Here’s a better question: Is there a more ridiculous waste of money than spending a grand on a swimsuit that you can’t even swim in?

The only thing that catches my attention poolside, without fail, is a killer bod, and with some will power and a bit of discipline, you can get that for free.