Weird Spring 2011 Trend: Wearing Plants?

Weird Spring 2011 Trend: Wearing Plants?
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The floral trend was one of my very favorites from the Spring 2011 runwaysespecially that techincolor Jil Sander maxi dress that’s been in seemingly every editorial this season. And as the weather warms up, I’m certain that we’re going to see get-ups appropriate for a garden party everywhere we turn.

Something interesting that I’ve noticed in recent magazine spreads, however, is that stylists are taking the trend quite literally, and are dressing the models in actual plants as opposed to pieces printed with them. I know that editorials must be dramatic in order to be engaging, but wrapping myself in actual shrubbery is something that I’d never try to emulate.

Do you find this stylistic use of plant life inspiring, statement-making, or just kind of silly?