The Weirdest Political Merchandise from Around the Web

The Weirdest Political Merchandise from Around the Web
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Photo: Etsy/CreepyGals

With just over five months to go until the federal election (which, yes, still seems like kind of an eternity), the internet’s craftiest citizens have seized on the public’s presidential fever with an array of bizarre political merchandise.

Don’t feel like you see enough of Donald Trump on the news? Why not get a cutting board with his face on it? Want to tell the world that Bernie Sanders is bae? You’re in luck: there are nail decals that say just that.

While buying official T-shirts and hats may be the preferred way of showing support for a candidate, since funds go towards the campaign, a cottage industry of Etsy sellers is flourishing with kitschy trinkets, gag gifts, and millenial-friendly merchandise like enamel pins and stud earrings cut to resemble Bernie Sanders.

One crafter, who makes piñatas in the image of Trump, Cruz, et. al, told The Guardian she’s sold at least 60 of the large $30 version and 120 smaller ornaments and brooches. The only candidate who seems to cashing in by creating her own tongue-in-cheek swag is Hillary Clinton, who has sold a trompe-l’œil pantsuit tee, an apron printed with the slogan “More Like Grillary Clinton”, and a set of can koozies reading—you guessed it—”Chillary Clinton.”

Click through for the weirdest, wackiest, and most wonderful election-themed gear from around the web.

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Presidential Embroidered Toilet Paper, $6.49; at MonkaDunkCreations on Etsy

Mini Donald Trump Piñata, $30; at MosaicBones on Etsy

I Choose You, Bernie! Button Pin, $3.50; at CreepyGals on Etsy

Hillary Clinton as The Grady Twins, $30; at ManArtShop on Etsy

Dumps For Trump Dog Waste Bags, $9; at Dumps For Trump on Etsy

Presidential Candidates 5-Soap Set, $30; at FleegalFarms on Etsy

Hillary Clinton Cookie Cutter, $15; at SpoiledKittyDesigns on Etsy

2016 American Presidential Oil Painted Masks, $200; at FalseKarass on Etsy

Chillary Clinton Can Holder Combo, $10; at

Make Cheese Grate Again Trump Cutting Board, $28; at BoarderlinePuns on Etsy

Ted Cruz Trick or Treat Dracula Ink Portrait, $12; at BaylaInk on Etsy

Baby Burp Cloth, $12; at NewbeesShop on Etsy

Bernie Sanders Ugly Christmas Sweater, $39; at TaborsTreasures on Etsy

Donald Trump Pin, $10.47; at MikeysArt on Etsy

Bernie Sanders Nail Decals, $5.99; at LoveByLunaCo

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