Fashion Week’s 5 Best Parties


5. Charlotte Ronson‘s Tech-Savvy Party

No need to socialize after the Ronson show, just play Nintendo! Not being released until later this year, a new fashion game called Style Savvy for Nintendo DS and DSi was passed around for Kirsten Dunst and Tinsley Mortimer to create their own styled looks. Basically…think Polyvore for the subway.


4. Rag and Bone‘s Fiesta

You don’t get much more exclusive than a club that hasn’t opened yet. The Simyone Lounge (basically the next TenJune) held the likes of Avril Lavigne, Nicky Hilton, Jess Stam, and of course, R&B designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville.


3. Rodarte‘s Grotto

The Rodarte girls are a little on the dark side, and why shouldn’t their afterparty be too? Held at Grotto, the party was almost like a maze, with gardens, and Tavi hiding in a corner, like the David Bowie film Labyrinth. Maybe not that creepy; Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst were also in attendance.


2. Marc Jacob‘s Comeback Tour

Easily the most anticipated afterparty during New York Fashion Week, Marc took a brief hiatus (the economy, people!), but came back this season with a vengeance at Hiro. Lady Gaga performing…in a red lace bodysuit….hey, it’s better than Courtney Love in a red lace bodysuit. (See #1.)


1. Alex Wang‘s Fashion-Fueled Bash

When it’s 3am, and you’re on your way home, where do you go? The gas station; you stock up on Combos, and Pringles, and Gatorade for the next morning. Well, Alex Wang gave Marc Jacobs a run for his FW party money…he had a slight gathering after his show at a gas station on 14th Street complete with free Ramen, and Courtney Love performing! (Now…I’ve never seen that at a gas station before…but doesn’t that kind of make perfect sense? Mischa Barton, Jared Leto, Aggy, and even Tavi were in attendance. (Passed your bedtime, huh, girl?)