Weekly Obsession: Winos Now Have Their Own Necklace

Liz Doupnik

Confession: We’re closet winos here in the office. There’s nothing like a honking glass of wine to relax after a busy day at work. So, when we heard about Phillips Frankel’s latest cork necklaces, we thought this might be the perfect fusion of accessory meets necessity.

Co-designer Lisa Frankel pulled from an inspiration of a cork she saved after her first date with her now husband back in the 70s (major swoon-factor, anyone?) But, Lisa isn’t leaving us in the romantic dust — she’s giving all of us love-birds an opportunity to commemorate many a wine memory (we’re wondering if Friday night counts?)

In all seriousness, it’s a great way to remember some of those most important moments. Offered in a range of gold, vermeil, and sterling silver, the collection is sure to appease anyone’s personal style. The champagne or wine cork is protected by a vineyard gate with diamond animals integrating some subtle bling. Needless to say, this is definitely holiday wish-list worthy.

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