Weekly Obsession: Do You UBUNTU? Bloomingdale’s Does…

Jordynn Haskins

We at Stylecaster are all about bringing Style to the People… well ladies and gentlemen, there is no better way to be stylish than GIVING BACK. Our weekly obsession starts with the purchase of a bracelet and ends with saving the lives of children that are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Louise Hogarth an award winning documentary filmmaker who has been recognized for her efforts as an activist, combating the war on AIDS and foundedThe Orphan Bracelet Campaign. After making a documentary about AIDS stricken orphans in South Africa, Angels in the Dust, she started this platform to raise a voice for these women and children.

TheUbuntu bracelet retails for $15 each, and Bloomingdale’s is proud to donate $7.50 from the sale of each bracelet to Mentoring USA, a national nonprofit organization under the HELP USA umbrella that is dedicated to creating positive and supportive mentoring relationships for at-risk youths. The individually crafted bracelets support the Do Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign in South Africa.

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