Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It’s Time To Do Some Good

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It’s Time To Do Some Good
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Welcome to Monday—your weekly horoscope for June 8-14 is here. The energy of dreamy Neptune (planet of illusion) is stepping prominently into play during this week’s forecast. This means that we may be more sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings and, at times, become quite telepathic.

On Thursday, the sun in Gemini angles toward beguiling Neptune, which could make it difficult to know where your thoughts or emotions end and where others’ begin. You may have more interest in helping other people with their issues and problems than dealing with your own. This is something to watch out for because it could leave you feeling drained by the end of the week.

Friday brings a quarter moon in ethereal Pisces. This is encouraging you to pay attention to both your head and heart when making important decisions.

On Saturday, a soporific tie between Mars (planet of action) and Neptune could foster a lack of motivation. Creative activities may flourish—especially if the imagination is given free rein. This can be a good time to practice meditation or yoga.

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That said, while you don’t need a yoga mat to do so, you might as swell treat yourself to a cute one . It’s a busy week; you deserve it!

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week

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The sun in Gemini and your sector of communication encourages clear thinking, but it may become more difficult to stick with logic as the week progresses. The sun aligns with aquatic Neptune on Thursday, and the transit may be felt for a day or so before and after this date.

It would be just as well to take care with key transactions and detailed paperwork. It’s likely that you could miss something important and lose out. If you can leave such matters until next week, you might avoid some confusion and frustration.

The quarter moon on Friday is an opportunity to be guided by your instincts concerning a matter in which you have more than one choice.

Feisty Mars, your ruler, merges with boundless Neptune on Saturday, so it might be helpful to avoid too much stimulation and excess in general. Time spent in nature, such as gardening, can ground and center you. Taking a few of these breaks can make it easier to be around others without spacing out.

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While you may know what you’re doing, others might not, particularly when it comes to financial matters. If you have to deal with banks or other institutions that handle your money, keep an eye on your transactions. Check your bank statements and look out for anything that looks like a mistake or the work of a scammer or hacker.

Over this week, you’ll fare better if you take responsibility for your own financial security rather than relying on others to do it for you. Doing so can greatly reduce any underlying feeling of angst.

Friday’s quarter moon in Pisces can be an opportunity to get involved in a team project. Make sure everyone is paying their fair share and that you’re not left with most of the bill afterward.

Be careful about the people you mix with this weekend. While some can be an inspiration to you, others could drag you down. Don’t let them!

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Those in authority could seem to be giving out mixed messages and leaving you confused about what you should do next. If you can’t get a straight answer, you’ll need to rely on logic to get you through. If you want to accomplish anything, rely on yourself rather than wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Dreamy Neptune figures quite strongly this week. And because it’s currently moving through your sector of career and ambition, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. With red-hot Mars aligning with Neptune, you don’t want to overcomplicate matters and lose the motivation to do something that may be critical to your progress.

Consider making a bulleted plan of the steps you need to take and check them off as you go, because there will be less of a chance of forgetting something crucial. Then you can move ahead in confidence.

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You could get lost in a world of fantasy this week unless you can ground yourself by getting out in nature or working in your garden. The temptation to spend some time dreaming of what might be could be strong, but it won’t accomplish anything practical.

If you know how to visualize properly, the coming days could assist you in making your dreams come true. The trick is to go to the end first and imagine you already have what you want. If you can embody the feeling of the wish fulfilled, you’ll be using the energy of ethereal Neptune properly, and your dream really could come true.

This week’s quarter moon might encourage you to take up a spiritual practice that brings a sense of peace to your life. It could be the missing key to unlocking a treasure trove of benefits that can help you through challenging times.

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You may be wondering how much you can trust someone. This thought could be on your mind over the days ahead as you ponder whether to go ahead with a scheme or idea of theirs. The sun’s link with Neptune can make it harder to trust your own judgment. Even if deep down you sense something is wrong, you might not listen to the feeling. If you know someone who’s an expert in such matters, asking them could be helpful.

This week’s lunar phase in Pisces can be a call to use logic and do some fact finding, because this might be the only way to get to the truth of this and other matters.

As warrior Mars aligns with nebulous Neptune, it could be easy to fall back on your favorite habit or addiction to block out a painful situation. Connecting with a therapist or counselor might be one way to avoid this, and it could bring about some major healing.

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With the sun forging an edgy angle to Neptune, it can be difficult to be as discerning as you usually are. You may wonder about someone’s motives because it’s hard to fathom where they’re coming from. And because dreamy Neptune is very much in focus over the course of this week, you’ll need to uncover the facts if you’re going to get anywhere.

The sun is in Gemini and your sector of goals and ambition, so you’ll be in the spotlight. It’s wise to keep everything aboveboard and act with the utmost integrity. You might be tempted to tell a little white lie or cut corners or find loopholes so you can get away with something, but it likely isn’t worth it.

In fact, the quarter moon on Friday could put you in a position where you must choose one or the other. Honesty would be your best bet because you’ll feel better for having nothing to hide.

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With the sun at an awkward angle to beguiling Neptune, it might be difficult to set firm boundaries even though you’d benefit by doing so. It might be easier to avoid confrontation than to discuss something you find uncomfortable.

And it might even be easier to go down a subtler route and hide your true intentions. This could eventually backfire, but you might be so sensitive to vibes over the coming days that it could be the only option you can contemplate.

The rest of the week has a similar vibe, and it could cause you to sacrifice your time and energy to help another. You might put your own needs on the back burner so you can devote yourself to someone else’s happiness.

As dynamic Mars merges with watery Neptune, a side of you could begin to resent that you’re giving so much and not getting much in return. For your own sake, stop being so nice!

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Your energy level may be lower than usual this week, and you might not be able to get as much done as you’d like. With soporific Neptune on the playing field, you have a choice of either following the path of least resistance or swimming upstream against the current to your destination.

If you want to be more creative and productive, then making a to-do list can be a good place to start. List everything you want to accomplish and keep it close at hand. Check each item off as you go, and you’ll manage to get a lot more accomplished.

This can be a creative and romantic week, but if you’re looking for love, remember that all that glitters isn’t gold. Someone may not be quite as they seem, so be cautious and trust your instincts. They’ll guide you to the right decision.

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This week could find you feeling idealistic, and you might yearn for something that can make your life easier. If you’re dealing with some challenges, the thought of spending time somewhere exotic could seem like the answer to all your problems.

As this isn’t likely to happen just yet, you could also turn to spiritual and metaphysical means to find relief. Reading the words of a wise teacher could help you rise above any difficulties and perhaps encourage you to take up a spiritual practice such as meditation or mindfulness.

But toward the weekend, a mash-up between pushy Mars and aquatic Neptune could leave you with less energy, and you might be more inclined to relax with a good book or movie. Sometimes it helps to trust your body and give in to its needs. If you need more relaxation and sleep, then this could be very healing.

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Relations with others may be confusing, and there could even be a chance of deception unless you’re careful. The sun’s face-off with otherworldly Neptune can bring out the best and worst in those around you, so you’ll need to stay sharp if you’re going to navigate a potentially tricky course this week.

Even though you’re very down-to-earth, you could still find yourself a victim of someone’s lack of scruples. If you sense that something seems off, then act accordingly.

The quarter moon on Friday could give you a choice of whether to go with the flow or be more discriminating and listen to the voice of reason.

Over the weekend, you might be encouraged to tap into your natural skills and let your imagination flow. If you have certain talents, it can be rewarding to channel them into creative projects. You might also gain inspiration from movies, books, or browsing online.

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Is it worth plowing money into a project that isn’t certain to be completed? In fact, there could be so much about it that is mired in confusion that you may be wandering in the dark. This week, though, you can do something by analyzing it in detail and looking into the costs. If it looks like it will be too expensive, pull out now so you don’t waste any more resources.

Dreamy Neptune is in focus for much of this week, and with pushy Mars merging with it over the weekend, you may notice other areas where money seems to be leaking away with nothing to show for it.

A look at your bank statements could alert you to unnecessary expenses that are deducted monthly. Now is the time to get rid of them so you can save more and spend your money on those things that are important to you.

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Your family could accuse you of being too vague about too many things. They probably would prefer it if you stuck to a schedule rather than going with the flow. This isn’t your nature, though, because trying to stick to a timetable could seem to crush your creativity.

You tend to be motivated by your intuition and interests that capture your imagination, but there is a lot to be said for doing some planning, especially this week. The quarter moon in your sign on Friday suggests that if you can commit to getting certain things done, it could pave the way to a more fruitful period.

Even so, as dynamic Mars aligns with ethereal Neptune in your sign over the weekend, you may feel more like taking a duvet day than getting stuck in some hard work. If you get can get involved in something creative, though, you might find that that your energy level begins to pick up.

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