Your Weekly Horoscope Has The Tea On How You’ll Handle Mercury Retrograde

Your Weekly Horoscope Has The Tea On How You’ll Handle Mercury Retrograde
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Hello, beautiful soul—your weekly horoscope for June 15-21 2020 is here. This week, Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Cancer, and remains so until July 12. During this time, we can expect disruptions around communication, travel and the pace at which negotiations proceed.

On Thursday, red-hot Mars (planet of aggression) forges a positive angle with powerful Pluto(planet of transformation), which can intensify desire. If there’s something you want, you’ll put all your energy into getting it. On Saturday, feisty Mars angles toward expansive Jupiter (planet of abundance), bringing a surge of optimism into the picture and inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone in order to explore new opportunities.

On that same day, the sun (planet of self) moves into Cancer for a four-week stay, which can put family life at the top of the list of priorities. Your focus may be on the safety and security of your home and loved ones. Finally, with a solar eclipse in Cancer on Saturday, you may be ready for a positive change that encourages working toward domestic harmony while bringing you closer to loved ones.

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Still not totally sure you understand mercury retrograde? Don’t be afraid to read up on it ! Knowing what to expect can help you communicate more efficiently and (ultimately) thrive, retrograde or not.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week


This could be a dynamic week despite the number of retrogrades already in motion. And there is another to add to the list as chatty Mercury rewinds from Wednesday to July 12. With Mercury in reverse, it helps to back up important computer files and make sure that your antivirus software is up to date. Give yourself more time to complete plans and projects because there will likely be delays.

Potent Mars forges harmonious angles with underworld Pluto and philosophical Jupiter, and you can gain much by paying attention to your dreams and intuition. Sparkling insights can help you succeed with both personal goals and career plans. And even if things seem to be going slowly, your optimism can help you take any challenges in stride.

As the sun enters Cancer and combines with the moon to create a powerful solar eclipse on Saturday, this is an opportunity to make changes that can help you feel secure and deeply contented with life.


Life may slow down further this week as talkative Mercury goes into reverse. Along with the other retrograde planets, the retrograde of chatty Mercury encourages you to reflect on your current situation and consider how you might make strategic improvements.

This isn’t the best time to go ahead with deals or contracts, because situations could change and promises could fall through. If you have no other option, take things in baby steps and be prepared to be flexible where necessary.

There is a lot of activity in your sector of long-term goals, which could find you eager to get something up and running. It might be a tech project or an idea that has been on your mind for some time. A surge of energy this week could find you ready to make a start.

A solar eclipse in Cancer on Saturday can push you to promote your work or business despite Mercury’s rewind phase. Do the groundwork now and you can begin to soar in a few weeks.


When dealmaker Mercury turns backward, as it does midweek, you may notice it more acutely than most other signs. This time it occurs in your sector of finance, so take care especially when purchasing big-ticket items or doing deals that involve a lot of money. Remember to keep the receipts and paperwork because you may well need them.

When it comes to business, there is still plenty you can do to prepare for success further down the line. Warrior Mars forges positive angles with volcanic Pluto and generous Jupiter, so discussions could be very fruitful. While it may not be worth galloping ahead with a new project, it could be well worth laying the foundation for what is to come.

Finances move to the top of the agenda as the sun moves into Cancer, followed by a solar eclipse, on Saturday. This is like a mega push from the cosmos that’s encouraging you to turn over a new leaf regarding money matters. Things can improve with a proactive stance.


As the sun moves through the last few degrees of your spiritual sector, it wouldn’t be surprising if an issue made a reappearance. Are you tempted to push it back under the carpet? You’ll do yourself a favor if you dive in and tackle it. Don’t overthink this!

Meanwhile, talkative Mercury is retrograde in your sign until July 12, so some of your plans will need to go on the back burner. That’s okay, because you might feel moved to jettison some ideas and move others to the top spot over the coming weeks.

Watch out for a reunion with an ex or old flame as Mars in Pisces aligns with compelling Pluto and upbeat Jupiter in their retrograde phase. You may have thought it was over and done with, but the planets tell another story.

Are you ready for a revolution? The solar eclipse in your sign on Saturday marks the start of a new phase. It might seem like a big stretch to aim for something you really want, but the rewards can be well worth it.


Starting this week, life winds down a little as the focus shifts to your spiritual sector. To prepare the way, communicator Mercury goes into reverse on Wednesday and remains so until July 12. This could find you naturally going deeper within and connecting with feelings that may be unfamiliar. Now, though, you might be able to give them a voice. Discussing them with someone you trust could pave the way for a breakthrough.

Are you concerned about aspects of your work? As pushy Mars aligns with inflexible Pluto and optimistic Jupiter, you could tap into reserves of strength that give you the energy to turn things around.

The sun moves into Cancer and your spiritual zone on Saturday, and this can find you taking on a more spiritual perspective. There’s a solar eclipse here on the same day, so you may feel a strong urge take up a practice that can deepen your awareness and connect you with the universal source of all.


The past few weeks may have given you an opportunity to shine in your chosen field and show how talented you are. The coming weeks could see you becoming more involved with others in a social sense as well as for the good of the community.

However, talkative Mercury, your personal planet, will be retrograde from Wednesday to July 12, so be prepared for some interesting developments in your social scene. Someone from the past could come back into your life, and you may be glad to see them. On the other hand, you could resist talking to an ex or old flame even if they reach out to you first. With Mercury doing a backflip, this can be a time of healing conversations and closure if you’re open to them.

Saturday’s solar eclipse has huge power to change your social life for the better. Even if you can’t get out much now, you can still network online and connect with like-minded others.


Are you ready to shine? This week, the sun moves through the last degrees of a more bohemian zone of your chart and enters your sector of responsibility. Before it does, though, chatty Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer and your career zone.

You might need to adopt a patient approach to getting your plans up and running. This is a good time to streamline and simplify your affairs so you can hit the ground running when Mercury turns direct again on July 12.

You might also want to direct some of your energy to your lifestyle by looking into your diet and exercise routines and how you might improve on them. Also, if you’re dissatisfied with your job and want to try your hand at something else, you might be ready to intensify your search.

The solar eclipse in your career zone on Saturday kick-starts a six-month process that could find you in a better place by the time the solar phase is over.


This week, you come out of an intense phase into a more open and adventurous one. First, though, meandering Mercury backflips in your sector of opportunity, remaining so until July 12. Delays to your plans could stop you in your tracks and cause you to rethink things. As you reflect on your current situation, you might come to some conclusions that lead to positive changes over the coming weeks. And you could feel much happier as a result of tackling certain issues.

Fiery Mars, your co-ruler, aligns with underworld Pluto and generous Jupiter, inspiring you to put your creative abilities to use in order to reshape a dynamic plan. A major project could go through several big changes before you’re happy with it, and this is a good time to make a start.

Saturday’s powerful solar eclipse indicates that a seed may be planted that can blossom over the coming weeks and months. This could prompt you to take a life-changing class or other challenge or publish the book you’ve had sitting in your computer for some time.


On Wednesday, canny Mercury turns retrograde in your sector of business and finance and remains so until July 12. This can delay plans and encourage you to streamline and reorganize your affairs. If issues need sorting out, this is the time to do it. You might even find that you can’t progress any further until you’ve attended to these matters.

Feisty Mars in your home and family sector angles harmoniously toward potent Pluto and generous Jupiter in your money zone, and this could inspire you to set up a small home business. It may not be your main source of income, but it could certainly add to it.

The big event of the week is Saturday’s solar eclipse in your sector of business, money, transformation, and rebirth. Events could encourage you to let go of the past and anything that doesn’t work so you can start fresh over the coming weeks and months. Cut out the deadwood so you can experience new growth.


Things could change within your relationships over this week, starting when talkative Mercury turns retrograde in your partnership zone. You might find it easier to connect with buried feelings, especially those you’ve tended to repress. The weeks until July 12 are your opportunity to talk about things that may be uncomfortable but that could free up so much energy in your partnership.

This may not be the best time to negotiate a deal because the situation could change from week to week. If you can wait until after July 12, it might be a better option.

As dynamic Mars ties in with powerful Pluto and upbeat Jupiter, a conversation could help you see possibilities that you never noticed before. They could take some time to come to fruition, but they may be well worth following up.

The solar eclipse in your relationship zone on Saturday can kick-start changes that enhance your partnership. New developments over the coming weeks and months could find you becoming much happier.


Are you ready to organize and streamline your life? As quicksilver Mercury rewinds in your lifestyle zone, it encourages you to jettison anything that may be holding you back. What activities could you do without? Whatever has become too boring should be the first thing to go.

Don’t forget to back up those important documents on your computer and make sure your antivirus program is working properly. If anything can go wrong then, it likely will, so it’s best to cover all your bases.

A powerful solar eclipse in Cancer and your lifestyle sector on Saturday could kick-start a range of new developments. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business or work for a certain company, this is your chance to get moving. With so many retrograde planets now, don’t expect things to take off right away. However, you could see significant progress over the coming weeks and months.


Talkative Mercury rewinds in your leisure sector this week, and you may feel moved to take up a hobby that you enjoyed in your younger years. Even if you’ve gotten a little rusty at it, the fact that it absorbs you can be a good sign. You might even decide to further hone your skills and make it one of the top ways to spend your leisure time.

Are you ready for a reunion? Someone from the past could make a reappearance, and you might be interested in catching up. A conversation or two could encourage you to see more of each other if that feels right to you.

There could be plenty of team spirit associated with a group project that benefits your local community. You might be all fired up and ready to get involved, and the experience could do you a lot of good.

If you’re ready to promote your work, the solar eclipse on Saturday can kick-start a period of greater confidence regarding your art or craftwork.

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