Your Weekly Horoscope Predicts A Fresh Start—Finally

Your Weekly Horoscope Predicts A Fresh Start—Finally
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Welcome to a brand-new week, and to your weekly horoscope for July 20-26 2020! The week begins with the new moon in sensitive Cancer, which can be an opportunity for a new beginning. This delightful lunar phase is helpful for kick-starting new initiatives that involve the family dynamic, such as decorating your home or adopting a new pet.

However, the new moon in Cancer also opposes cautious Saturn (planet of rules) in Capricorn, which suggests an eagerness to throw off some responsibilities and get a fresh start. As prudent Saturn continues its retrograde phase in Capricorn, it can be an opportunity to reconsider any plans that have changed over the past few months. Any new beginning can include a sense of liberation from too much work and feeling overwhelmed.

On Wednesday, the sun (planet of self) moves into Leo for four weeks, so the focus is on relaxing. Romance could figure strongly into the equation, as can spending time with friends and children.

Midweek, Mercury aligns with Uranus (planet of spontaneity)—bringing in some surprises related to technology and communication. You might hear from an old friend or run into tech issues.

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Go into this week with a positive outlook, no matter what sign you are. The time for new beginnings is upon us, which means a fresh start for all. You’ve totally got this !

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week


Are you ready for a fresh start on the home front? This week’s new moon in your domestic sector could direct you to get a move on. Whether you want to redecorate, welcome a pet, or begin a small business, this is the time to do so.

The sun opposes sobering Saturn the same day, and you may realize what you need to do to create a better work/life balance. If this means making more time for homey activities or deciding to work from home, this move could turn out to be good for you.

Some relief is on the way as the sun moves into Leo midweek for a four-week stay. It encourages you to become more playful and allow your inner child to express itself through art, music, or anything else you find absorbing.

Finally, as messenger Mercury aligns with electric Uranus midweek, you could get the perfect gadget that helps make your life much easier.


Fresh developments in your communication sector hint at an opportunity that you might relish. If you accept it, it could solve a problem that has taken up a fair amount of your time recently.

The new moon in your communication zone opposes cautious Saturn in your sector of far horizons, and a revelation could help you understand how you’ve been limiting yourself when there’s no need to. This lively lunar phase encourages you to jettison old beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in a certain lifestyle, job, or even relationship. It’s time to let go of the past and blossom.

Plus, the sun’s move into Leo and your home and family sector could inspire you to get involved in more family-oriented activities. If you have time to beautify your home or create some art or crafts to enhance the atmosphere, you’ll enjoy doing so.


This week’s new moon in your personal money zone can usher in a new beginning if you want one. If you’ve felt pressured by certain financial institutions or money worries, this lunar phase encourages you to do something about it to ease any tension or anxiety. Whatever your problem, there is a way out if you can get the right help and advice and you follow through on it. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily.

On a lighter note, the sun’s move into Leo and your sector of communication can put a positive spin on things. Because of this, you may begin to see improvements sooner rather than later. This is the time to promote your work, business, and abilities, whether online or off. And the more you do so, the better for you.

Are you in need of a bright idea? A clever Mercury-Uranus angle can add a touch of genius to the equation.



Get ready for an interesting week in which the new moon in your sign encourages you to go after what you want. This new moon is the best of the year for you, and it’s a call to consider your needs and desires. What is the one thing you want to accomplish that would mean the most to you? If you know what it is, this is the time to start.

However, as this new moon also opposes cautious Saturn in your relationship sector, there is a chance that someone may try to stop you. Don’t let them. You have a right to be happy and have your needs met. If this idea leaves you excited and upbeat, then give it your all.

Money matters will also come into focus as the radiant sun enters Leo on Wednesday. The coming weeks could see you enjoying a spending spree, which might involve purchasing gifts and treats for others as well as yourself.


A powerful lunar phase in a secluded sector encourages you to create positive habits that can help you progress spiritually. This might include meditation, mindfulness, a practice such as yoga or tai chi, or even finding a teacher or life coach to work with, online or off. By attending to your inner life, your outer life can flourish, and this new moon is the time to make a start.

Nevertheless, it’s opposed by prudent Saturn in your lifestyle sector, which suggests that being overly busy could stop you from integrating these new habits into your everyday life. This is an opportunity to be discriminating and jettison anything that is a waste of time. In fact, good time management can be crucial to your success.

The good news is that the sun moves into your sign midweek for a four-week stay, giving you a new lease on life. Your confidence and vitality can increase, allowing you to accomplish much more.


Are you eager to make the most of your social life? With the new moon in Cancer, you could join an interesting group, decide to move in new circles, or make the acquaintance of someone who becomes a supportive friend. Whatever actions you take can enrich your life because of the people you’ll meet.

This new moon opposes taskmaster Saturn in your leisure zone, so one side of you might prefer to enjoy plenty of alone time doing your own thing. And while this can help you hone a skill or perfect a talent, you could miss out on the rich interactions that can be yours if you get out and about.

In addition, the sun’s move into Leo and a secluded sector for four weeks can be a chance to reflect on your present situation. Do you need to find closure on anything? Tie up those loose ends and let go of anything that no longer serves your best interests.


Are you ready to catch the moon tide and ride it to success? The new moon is in your sector of goals and ambitions on Monday, so this is the time to do so. It’s worth using this lunar energy to help build momentum as you kick-start a new plan or project.

Is there anything that could stop you? Because this lunar phase opposes Saturn in your home and family sector, there’s a chance that domestic responsibilities could hold you back. If there’s a way to delegate tasks so you have more time, try to do so.

Finally, the sun’s move into Leo midweek ushers in a positive four weeks in which your social life can get livelier. If you have the opportunity to meet with friends in person, you’ll have a great time. But even connecting online can encourage new friendships and even romance.


This week, a seed may be planted that leads to a new opportunity, and it could be one that takes you out of your comfort zone and includes something of a learning curve. The new moon in your sector of far horizons encourages you to take the road less traveled and be bold.

However, as it also opposes prudent Saturn, a fear of the unknown could hold you back. If you want to take your life in a new and exciting direction, you’ll need to move beyond this, feel the fear, and do it anyway.

This message can also apply to your goals and ambitions as the sun moves into Leo and a prominent sector of your chart. The coming four weeks are a good opportunity to show yourself in the best light by promoting your skills and abilities, upgrading your resume or online profile, and tweaking your brand.

Finally, as chatty Mercury aligns with electric Uranus, an encounter could seem like a breath of fresh air.


It’s time to tap into your power source because the new moon in an intense zone can inspire you to dive deep and discover hidden treasures. This new moon occurs in your sector of shared assets, birth, transition, and transformation, one of the more potent areas of your chart.

It’s time to enrich your life by discovering more about your inner self. You can learn how, by letting go of trapped and frozen emotions, you can free yourself to be successful and abundant.

What might stop you is too much focus on material goods and resources. While they’re necessary, they can keep your attention on the outer world. The right balance of inner and outer can be better, though.

If you’re ready to have some fun, the sun’s move into your travel and adventure zone encourages you to broaden your horizons and take a well-deserved trip if you’re able to. If you’ve been stuck at home for a while, the change will do you a world of good


The new moon in your relationship zone could coincide with changes to a partnership or other association. This can be one of the better times to take a developing romance to the next stage, especially if you’re enjoying someone’s company.

However, as this lunar phase opposes sobering Saturn in your sign, your focus on your goals and plans could detract from any enjoyment you might get from being in a relationship. Before you commit to another, you’ll need to decide what you want: success or companionship. You can have both, but you’ll need to maintain a balance to keep things sweet.

Meanwhile, the sun’s move into an intense sector of your chart, where it will be for the coming four weeks, could put your focus on deep-seated issues. This can be a time of drama and challenges that, once resolved, leave you feeling happier and more energized. You might also be eager to take stock of your business or finances and make some key adjustments.


New goals require time, and this week brings a chance to make any necessary changes to your routines so you can have more of it. The new moon in your lifestyle sector means that this is a great opportunity to reorganize your schedule and jettison any activities that aren’t working for you. Whether you want better health, a new job, a successful business, or just to be happy, this is a good time to implement new strategies so you can accomplish your aims.

With this lunar phase opposite cautious Saturn, you could hold yourself back by thinking that you don’t deserve it. If so, this might be something to work on. You fully deserve the best in life.

Relationships come into focus as the sun moves into charismatic Leo midweek. This can be excellent for romance and enhancing and improving a current partnership. This influence can also be perfect for negotiation, reaching a compromise, and collaborating on a plan or project.


The new moon in your sector of creativity makes this one of the better times to display your work, online, via social media, or by putting it in local shops or craft fairs. This lunar phase also takes place in the sign of Cancer, so you may tend to hold back for fear of criticism. Yet you can be your own worst critic at times.

It also won’t help for you to compare yourself to others, because this could stop you in your tracks as well. What you have to offer is unique, so ignore those fears and determine to take action. You never know who may see your work and love it immediately, in which case things can just keep getting better and better for you.

The sun’s move into Leo and your lifestyle sector on Wednesday begins a four-week phase in which you can benefit from streamlining your routines and taking on new, more life-enhancing habits.

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