Your Weekly Horoscope Shows September Is Off To A Great Start

Your Weekly Horoscope Shows September Is Off To A Great Start
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Your weekly horoscope for August 31-September 6 2020 is here, and a new month is almost upon us. This week brings a lot of excitement. On Tuesday, Mercury (planet of communication) aligns with Pluto (planet of power), which could find us chasing an opportunity. Doing research now can pay dividends later.

On the same day, a full moon in the ethereal sign of Pisces aligns with Uranus (planet of change), which can bring a revelation or an insight. Something learned today could be advantageous.

Venus (planet of love) opposes Saturn (planet of foundation) on Wednesday, which could leave us feeling out in the cold. There might be a desire to communicate with someone, but something could stand in the way. Thankfully, this is a temporary transit. On the same day, the sun (planet of identity) aligns with Uranus, so we may be looking for opportunities to make the most of any unique abilities.

On Thursday, lively Mercury’s angle with sobering Saturn can be perfect for attending to deadlines and getting things completed. Friday’s aspects can highlight an attraction, particularly with luscious Venus involved with Mars (planet of passion) and flirtatious Mercury.

Finally, chatty Mercury moves into Libra on Saturday, putting the focus on cooperation and communication.

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How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week



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This is a week to streamline your routines and pare back those activities that aren’t contributing much. As lively Mercury angles toward Pluto on Tuesday, you may feel the pull of ambition, but do you really want the extra responsibility? Think about this before you agree to anything.

There’s a full moon in dreamy Pisces the same day, so an unexpected opportunity could show up when you go with the flow. Letting go of the need to control everything doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose out, and you might even gain something in the process.

This is a week for innovative ideas and opportunities. And a romantic attraction could arise seemingly out of nowhere just by you being true to yourself. You could be drawn to someone who is quite unlike you, but this might be what makes the person special in your eyes.

Finally, chatty Mercury moves into harmonious Libra over the weekend, so this is a great opportunity to talk things over, negotiate, and perhaps find a compromise.



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Fiery Mars is slowing down prior to turning retrograde, so you may be questioning all kinds of attitudes and assumptions. Perhaps one of the bigger issues to contend with is any belief that has become ingrained over the years. You may find your ideas constantly challenged, which can be a good thing but also uncomfortable.

In addition, a full moon in your social sector on Tuesday could coincide with a delightful encounter, one that you may want to take further.

Lovely Venus in your sector of talk and thought aligns with sobering Saturn on Wednesday, and you may realize how certain attitudes have cut you off from other people. By working to replace them, you may be open to relationships with a variety of people, especially those from different backgrounds.

Finally, as organized Mercury moves into Libra and your lifestyle sector over the weekend, you might be ready to streamline your routines.



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A full moon in the topmost sector of your chart indicates that you might be ready to share a message or promote an idea. This lunar phase aligns harmoniously with innovative Uranus, so watch out for any intuitive nudges. They may enhance creativity and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Thoughtful Mercury aligns with potent Pluto on the same day, and deeper processes encourage you to process those issues that are keeping you stuck. If you have someone to talk to about such matters, this could be very healing. Cooperative Venus opposes closed-off Saturn, though, so that element of trust may be missing for a while. Certain issues or experiences might be too sensitive to talk about with others, or so it seems. When you realize that you’re human just like everyone else, it might not be so daunting to open your heart.

Finally, messenger Mercury moves into your romance zone over the weekend, so you may find that you click with someone who is a brilliant conversationalist.



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This week’s full moon in your sector of new opportunities can shine a light on something. If you sense this might be right for you, give it a go. However, you might need to let go of something else first to take full advantage of it.

Venus in your sign opposes prudent Saturn midweek, though, and you could feel a little wary of someone and perhaps unsure of their motives. But this is a temporary transit, and things could be different a few days down the line. This might not be a good time to ask for any favors because they may not be forthcoming.

On the same day, the sun’s alignment with electric Uranus could coincide with an encounter that seems to wake you up. Just chatting with this person can leave you feeling refreshed and upbeat.

Finally, messenger Mercury’s move into your home zone over the weekend can be a call to get rid of clutter and get organized.



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There’s a potent lunar phase in your sector of finances, business, and shared assets. Tuesday’s full moon can shine a light on a key issue. Feelings may be very much to the fore, so avoid making any impulsive moves. There could be a tendency to overreact or even to want to splurge in order to soothe bruised emotions.

However, you may find a release through talking to a trusted friend or perhaps getting those emotions to flow by having a good cry, either of which could leave you feeling better.

Midweek, Venus in your spiritual sector opposes Saturn in your work zone, so you might also feel a need for a retreat, especially if you’ve been busy. Taking some time out could do you a lot of good.

On Friday, savvy Mercury aligns with lovely Venus, so an intuitive nudge to connect with someone could prove advantageous, and you may gain an opportunity by doing so.



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The week begins with a full moon in your relationship sector that could highlight any issues between you and another. Because it also links with electric Uranus, an opportunity could come to light that benefits both of you. Still, feelings may be very much to the fore, so avoid doing or saying anything that you might regret later.

Lively Mercury aligns with both potent Pluto and sobering Saturn this week, so you may be giving a lot of thought to certain ideas. Try not to overcomplicate matters, though. If anything, work to simplify them.

When sweet Venus angles toward fiery Mars in a more passionate zone on Friday, you could find yourself drawn to someone who has different qualities than yours. Even though you may be in conflict over certain matters, this can endear them to you more.

Finally, inquisitive Mercury moves into Libra over the weekend, so it might be time to take a closer look at your finances with a view toward making your money work harder for you.



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Tuesday’s full moon can highlight a need for some peace and perhaps a chance of a retreat, especially of you’ve been busy. More than anything, this may be a cosmic message to simplify your schedule, especially if certain activities have become so ingrained that they’re almost automatic.

Even so, if you connect with the right people or person and click with them, something interesting could happen. You might be given information or ideas that help you move forward, especially if they’re eager to pool resources with you.

Go easy midweek, though, as sweet Venus opposes sobering Saturn in your home zone. You might find it hard to get through to someone in your family even though you very much want to. Any barriers can melt away by the weekend when thoughtful Mercury moves into your sign. This influence can enhance diplomacy and tact and encourage a solution.



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Tuesday brings the chance of romance when a beautiful full moon in Pisces makes you quiver with unexpressed feelings. Have you been holding them back? You might be inspired to share them, and doing so could bring a positive response. This lovely influence can also rekindle the bond between you and your partner if things have been a little unremarkable lately.

It could be a different matter when it comes to another connection, though, especially if you’ve had words with them. Midweek might find you eager to reach out but perhaps worried by the response you might get. Let it go for now. Things can be better by the weekend.

Upbeat Mercury moves into your spiritual zone on Saturday, which can encourage you to give others a little more leeway. Quicksilver Mercury in this zone can also be a call to link up with others who share your spiritual ideas and ideals. Doing so could be very nurturing.



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The week begins with a full moon in your home and family sector that could bring issues out into the open. They might just be minor matters that cause you or others to be a tad edgy. Yet simplifying your schedule for the day can help you deal with any ups and downs. In fact, engaging in a heart-to-heart chat can have a surprisingly positive effect, with innovative solutions showing up as a result.

Midweek, you might be in a more pensive mood when lovely Venus opposes prudent Saturn. It could seem like someone is keeping things from you, but there might be a good excuse for it. Just let it be for now, and you may find that they’re more reasonable and willing to share, especially over the weekend.

Finally, chatty Mercury moves into Libra and your social sector over the weekend, and this quicksilver influence can enhance connections with others and bring golden opportunities your way.



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A sensitive full moon in your sector of talk and thought can pave the way for a healing discussion. It’s possible that buried issues will arise at this time. This potent lunar phase brings an opportunity to clear the air and encourages a compassionate stance.

At the same time, thoughtful Mercury in your sector of far horizons aligns with powerbroker Pluto in your sign and with sobering Saturn later in the week. New opportunities could be yours if you’re willing to think outside the box and explore other possibilities. Don’t be afraid to let go of the tried and true and step into the unknown. Doing so could be very rewarding.

On Friday, flirtatious Mercury links with lovely Venus, suggesting that an encounter will be very enjoyable. The conversation could sparkle, and you might be eager to get to know this person better.

Finally, brainy Mercury moves into diplomatic Libra on Saturday, so it’s time to showcase your knowledge, especially if you’re an authority on something.



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The thought of a little retail therapy could be very cheering, especially on Tuesday at the time of the full moon in spiritual Pisces. With feelings spiraling to the surface, you might find shopping is like a bandage that covers over any difficulties.

Treat yourself, but also consider connecting with a friend or trusted confidant and having a chat. Even if the issue is relatively minor, if it leaves you feeling uptight, share it. The burden may be halved by doing so.

The sun aligns with electric Uranus on Wednesday, and you may get a small gift or perhaps a windfall out of the blue. Something could come your way that surprises you but also leaves you feeling good inside.

Quicksilver Mercury moves into Libra and your sector of travel and adventure over the weekend, and the desire to get out and about could ramp up. If you need to let off steam, more frequent short trips could leave you feeling recharged.


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There’s a silvery full moon in your sign on Tuesday, so the week could start on an emotional note with a call to simplify your schedule. Bask in those moonbeams, though, and take note of any feelings as they bubble up. They might have a message for you. Dreams could be more vivid than usual now, too, so consider writing down any that strike you as meaningful.

There is a focus on your sector of relating that could find you eager to connect and communicate. With dealmaker Mercury aligning with powerful Pluto and prudent Saturn over the week, there may be things to discuss and decisions to make. However, cooperation and negotiation can be the key to making wise choices.

Talkative Mercury moves into Libra and a more intense zone this weekend, so discussions around finances and business could be very fruitful. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with any deep-seated emotions, and by talking them through, heal them and let them go.


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