Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here (Oh, And A Full Moon, Too)

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here (Oh, And A Full Moon, Too)
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Welcome to August, and to your weekly horoscope for August 3-9! There is still a concentration of planets in Capricorn: Jupiter (planet of expansion), Pluto (planet of power), and Saturn (planet of foundation) all in retrograde. This retrograde influence encourages us to reflect on and review our goals, ambitions, and responsibilities and adjust where needed. It can inspire powerful insights, too.

Monday brings a lively full moon in Aquarius that angles toward Uranus (planet of change), which can be a call to expect the unexpected. Feelings may be triggered by minor events, and it would be wise to avoid impulsive moves or purchases.

On that same day, Mercury (planet of communication) opposes sobering Saturn, so communication may be more awkward than it should be. We might also tend toward pessimism.

Tuesday brings a more positive influence with Mars (planet of aggression) squaring off with upbeat Jupiter. On the same day, brainy Mercury moves into charismatic Leo for around two weeks.

Finally on Friday, luscious Venus (planet of love) enters nurturing Cancer until September 6.


How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week



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There could be a spat with a friend or social group as the full moon on Monday aligns with electric Uranus. A difference in values or opinions could cause a falling out. And with messenger Mercury facing off with prudent Saturn, you might not feel in the mood to negotiate or compromise, which could make life difficult.

The pace picks up, though, and you may feel you have the advantage over someone in authority who, while open-minded, might not be as quick off the mark regarding certain matters. Use this chance to help them out and you could be rewarded for your efforts. Just be sure you can follow through.

There’s a creativity alert as dexterous Mercury heads into Leo for around two weeks and encourages you to display your talents. Plus, romance can be a lot of fun, and there is potential to connect with someone who shares your interests.

Finally, the move of Venus into Cancer on Friday encourages you to indulge in some self-care.


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With fiery Mars continuing to power through your spiritual zone, continue to watch your dreams. They may have a lot of useful guidance if you take the time to interpret them.

Ready to shine this week? You might want to make something public or perhaps promote an idea or message on social media. If so, the full moon can assist you. Be prepared for something unexpected to happen as a result. Make sure you consider all the emotional nuances of your message before you put it out there.

Talkative Mercury livens up your home zone starting Tuesday, and this might find you eager to get organized. With just a little extra planning, you might be able to accomplish much more.

As luscious Venus enters your sector of talk and thought on Friday, the coming weeks can be excellent for negotiation and discussion. Need to smooth over any issues? This is the time to do so.


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You could be a tad disillusioned this week as the truth about something you believe in gets shattered. This may be due to a powerful lunar phase linking to a revolutionary influence. An insight or a leading conversation could help you see things as they really are. And once this has sunk in, you might feel relieved.

The focus on your sector of communication increases as talkative Mercury moves into Leo on Tuesday. The coming two weeks or so bring plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people, promote your ideas, and catch up with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.

Are you ready to treat yourself? As sweet Venus moves into your personal financial sector on Friday, the urge to splurge could get stronger. This can be a great time to invest in yourself, though, whether you decide to enhance your image, pay for some exercise equipment, or buy a few treats.


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This week’s full moon in Aquarius and your sector of finance and business may need careful handling. There could be a tendency to make impulsive decisions, and since this influence is rather volatile, that is something you want to avoid. If you get an unexpected bill or other expense, don’t panic. This can be resolved with some savvy thinking.

The week could start on a slightly moody note with talkative Mercury opposing prudent Saturn. Finding the right words to say to someone might not be easy, and you could decide not to bother. However, with lovely Venus moving into your sign on Friday, her soothing influence can encourage you to reach out and smooth over any difficulties. In fact, any lingering issues may be forgotten by that time.

Are you eager to get your finances organized? As calculating Mercury moves into your money zone this week, doing so can be a lot easier.


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A potent lunar phase across your relationship axis suggests that feelings could ramp up. With the full moon in Aquarius linking to electric Uranus on Monday, an event, conversation, or encounter could intensify feelings concerning a current issue. This might not be the best time for making wise decisions because there could be a tendency to act unthinkingly on the spur of the moment. When things are calm and settled is the time to choose your course of action.

In addition, with upbeat Mercury opposing prudent Saturn, your mental energy may be lower than usual. If you can take a break from the computer and other gadgets to relax your mind, it could do you so much good.

Quicksilver Mercury moves into your sign on Tuesday, so the coming two weeks can bring a chance to be more expressive. Let your curiosity take the lead.

The move of lovely Venus into your spiritual sector on Friday can make you aware of the benefits of loving yourself more.


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You might need to be flexible at the start of the week because your plans may be disrupted by a lively and volatile full moon. Just as you thought everything was going well, an unexpected opportunity, call, or piece of information could change everything. It is possible that something exciting can come out of this if you avoid overreacting and doing anything on the spur of the moment that you might later regret.

There could be more social distancing at the start of the week when you and a friend can’t seem to agree on something. Try not to fret about this. You may both be back to normal again within a few days.

Finally, chatty Mercury, your guide planet, moves into your spiritual sector for around two weeks, which can make it easier to connect with and discuss those deeper feelings. Much can be released by sharing your joys and worries with a good friend.


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Things might be jogging along pleasantly enough when out of the blue an attraction could drive you crazy. An encounter could throw your usual routines into disarray and leave you wanting to spend more time with this person. It could lead to a full-blown romance, but at what cost? If the coast is clear and all is well, then enjoy yourself.

At the same time, there could be a disconnect between you and a family member early in the week, which could cause some angst at the time. However, as luscious Venus moves into Cancer on Friday, her caring presence can inspire you to talk things over and perhaps find a compromise. At the same time, the move of lovely Venus into your sector of goals suggests that a little charm can help grease the wheels of business and commerce.

Are you ready to enjoy some socializing? As talkative Mercury joins the sun in Leo, the coming two weeks could find you eager to reach out and make some positive new connections.


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The full moon in your home and family sector on Monday can highlight your work/life balance and encourage you to rethink your schedule. With lively input from restless Uranus, this lunar phase could hold a few surprises for you, particularly if someone’s words hit a sore spot. This more than anything could cause you to take action and make changes to your plans or schedule sooner than you might otherwise.

Inquisitive Mercury opposes prudent Saturn on the same day, so you and another may not see eye to eye. It might take until the end of the week, when lovely Venus moves into Cancer, before you feel ready to reach out and make amends.

In addition, sweet Venus will be in your sector of fresh opportunities and far horizons, which could endear you to someone from another country or culture who seems to be very much on your wavelength.

Finally, as talkative Mercury moves into the top spot in your chart, it’s time to showcase your knowledge and credentials.


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You might be eager to reach out for something different that can take you out of your comfort zone. This week, though, with a dynamic full moon highlighting the potential to be found in your local area, you could find new opportunities closer to home. You could run into a friend or get an unexpected offer that leads to a discovery you might want to take advantage of. It could throw certain plans into confusion, but would that be so bad?

Also on Monday, a stubborn Mercury-Saturn face-off could hint at cash-flow issues. It might be just as well to keep some money handy just in case.

Meandering Mercury moves into Leo and your adventure zone on Tuesday, so this can be an excellent time to begin a course of study that bolsters your skills and qualifications, especially if you’re looking for a new job.

Finally, as sweet Venus enters a passionate zone on Friday, a relationship could move into more intimate waters.



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A powerful lunar phase in your money zone could bring an urge to treat yourself, and why not? With electric Uranus sending sparkling vibes from your leisure zone, it’s time to surprise yourself by doing something fun for a change. So what if it costs money? You truly deserve it.

Even so, you could find it hard to communicate with someone on Monday, and this might leave them wondering what’s up. It will be easier to smooth things over by Friday, though, as luscious Venus moves into your relationship zone. Be the one to reach out and talk, and your relationship may be back to normal fairly soon.

In addition, with sultry Venus in this sector, your love life could perk up and your dating efforts bring more interesting results.

Finally, dealmaker Mercury moves into an intense zone related to shared assets and business, so the coming two weeks or so are perfect for creating a strategy regarding a lucrative business project.


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This week’s full moon in your sign could coincide with the completion of a project and perhaps a feeling of satisfaction at a job well done.

As it also occurs across your relationship axis, feelings could ramp up, particularly if issues have been bubbling away beneath the surface. Is there something you need to discuss? A link to insightful Uranus hints that tackling a key issue can help unravel it, bringing insights and perhaps solutions.

Have you been worried about something? Clever Mercury opposes prudent Saturn across your chart, so the start of the week could find you ruminating on something without coming to any firm conclusions. Let it go. The answer could show up when your mind is occupied with something else.

Finally, sultry Venus moves into your lifestyle sector on Friday, so there may be more of a tendency to indulge, particularly if you’re feeling emotional about anything. At the same time, making a point of eating wholesome and nourishing food can encourage positive dietary habits.


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This week’s powerful full moon in your spiritual sector can be a call to rethink your agenda. If you’ve been using a lot of mental energy, this may be a call to give it a rest. This is particularly the case if your mind is racing and you find it difficult to get to sleep at night. Turning off your gadgets, reducing your screen time, and taking walks in nature can soothe and recharge you.

It’s possible that a developing bond could experience a hitch early on, making communication a little edgy. Avoid turning this into a major development. If you’re willing to let it go, it will soon be forgotten. Besides, with harmonious Venus moving into Cancer and your romance sector on Friday, those loving and caring feelings can quickly return.

Finally, with chatty Mercury moving into your lifestyle sector this week, getting organized and developing your time-management skills could help you be more productive.

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