Whoa, Your Weekly Horoscope Says The Next Few Days Will Be Intense

Whoa, Your Weekly Horoscope Says The Next Few Days Will Be Intense
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Your weekly horoscope for August 10-16 is here, and two edgy aspects make this a week to navigate with care. On Monday, Mercury (planet of communication) squares off with Uranus (planet of surprises), which could find us jumping to conclusions, speaking out of turn, and upsetting others even if we don’t mean to.

The quarter moon in Taurus on Tuesday could also put us on the spot. We may need to reach a decision in order to tie up loose ends or bring a project to conclusion.

Perhaps the most intense and difficult aspect is the angle between Mars (planet of aggression) and Pluto (planet of power) on Thursday, which could see pent-up energy exploding. Still, with volcanic Pluto in reverse, there is a chance that some of this anger and frustration may be softened slightly by a more pensive mood.

Feisty Mars leaves behind its belligerent phase and becomes more cooperative over the weekend when it links harmoniously with brainy Mercury and the sun in Leo. We will have more energy, and this can lead to greater productivity.

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Might I suggest a copying mechanism for this stressful week? Get yourself a little zen garden to tend to when you can do absolutely nothing else to improve your situation. You might just find the tiny task relaxing, and even helpful for giving you time to unwind and clear your head.


How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week



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This could be a trigger-happy week unless you can find a way to defuse any awkward situations. With fiery Mars in your sign at odds with potent Pluto, it won’t take a lot for you to blow your top. This could be due to too much responsibility of the kind that has been a drain on you for weeks or months. You could clash with someone in authority, or you might feel that it’s time to let go of old methods and opt for ways that have more creativity and spontaneity.

And with Mercury angling toward Uranus, you’ll also want to let off steam. Rather than do something you might later regret, it might be better to start the coming days with a vigorous workout, or whatever exercise you can manage, to channel some of this intense energy.

Finally, the weekend could be a lot more positive if you can forget work and responsibility for a few hours and go have some fun.


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If you have tried your best to keep the peace and not rock the boat, your resolve could now be tested. You might even find that letting it all out is much better than keeping any anger or resentment stuffed down inside.

Feisty Mars angles toward underworld Pluto, so you may feel an eruption of emotion when you realize how much certain beliefs, ingrained since childhood, have kept you playing small and limited your potential. The coming days can encourage a decision that might prove to be a turning point for you.

Plus, with a quarter moon in your sign, you might need to make sure that close ones and family members are all on the same page before you make any final arrangements, as doing so can bring a project to a successful conclusion.

Over the weekend, you might want to enjoy your own personal retreat at home and use this time for reflection and meditation.


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The sun and chatty Mercury are in Leo, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore new ideas, study, and promote your goods and services. This week, there are also a few edgy aspects to incorporate, and these may need a little extra care.

First, lively Mercury forms an edgy tie to maverick Uranus in your spiritual sector, which could find you second-guessing yourself. If you need to get things done in a timely manner, pick one idea or solution and run with it. Then you can make any adjustments as you go along.

In addition, feisty Mars angles toward powerful Pluto in an intense zone on Thursday, which could coincide with a buildup of emotion. A minor matter could cause a situation to erupt, so tread with care. If you feel frustrated, you could burn off some of the energy with a workout and perhaps choose to discuss things when you feel calmer and more collected.


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There could be a misunderstanding with a friend or group that can be remedied if you choose to let it go rather than make a big deal out of it.

However, this week in general brings a very powerful and intense aspect into focus as fiery Mars in your sector of ambition forms an awkward link to potent Pluto. If someone has been undermining your efforts, you might be ready to have a word with them. But whatever the situation, it likely contains a lot of tension and needs careful handling.

The quarter moon in your social zone brings a chance to network with friends and perhaps make final changes to a plan so you can move ahead with it. Money and costs may be a big part of this process, so don’t skip it.

Finally, with the sun and chatty Mercury angling toward fiery Mars, an opportunity could turn out to be very lucrative if you follow it up.


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Electric Uranus is slowing down prior to turning retrograde this week, so watch out for unexpected occurrences that could be a little disruptive. As chatty Mercury angles toward this unpredictable planet on Monday, a misunderstanding with someone in authority could hamper further efforts at communication. However, if you try again in a few days, things may proceed more easily and amicably.

If tension has been building regarding your current work situation, or lack of one, then a dynamic angle between fiery Mars and underworld Pluto could bring feelings into the open. This aspect may prove to be a turning point that encourages you to seek new opportunities, and you could be very fired up about doing so. Don’t lose the momentum. Use it to empower your search for something better.

Finally, with both the sun and inquisitive Mercury making harmonious angles to dynamic Mars over the weekend, new ideas and options could attract your attention and prove exciting to you.


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The sun, messenger Mercury, and fiery Mars are in emotional and private zones, so it’s important to connect to your feelings so you can begin to deal with them.

You might need to be patient with someone early in the week if they hold beliefs that clash with yours and won’t compromise. Don’t try to force things. They may be more accepting in a few days, even if grudgingly.

The big aspect this week is a powerful angle between feisty Mars and potent Pluto that contains a lot of pent-up energy. Perhaps one way to handle this is to exercise daily and, if possible, opt for a vigorous workout. With Mars in a very intense zone, it’s important to channel emotions constructively or an intense need to vent could create more problems than it resolves.

Finally, you may get insights into a personal situation or relationship, and the weekend could encourage a more positive outlook, with perhaps a discussion that helps you process through difficult feelings.


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There could be a misunderstanding with a friend early in the week, with you both holding very different views. This is one of those times when it might be easier to agree to disagree. Still, if you feel very intensely about something, an undercurrent of frustration could simmer unless you do something positive about it.

There are other awkward issues to contend with this week as red-hot Mars forges an awkward angle with powerful Pluto. It’s possible that feelings have been building up for some time, and they may come to a head this week. You may have gone beyond the need for tact and diplomacy by this point, with this transit encouraging you to tell it like it is. This could be a turning point for you and the beginning of a period of healing.

Finally, the weekend looks more promising, with the sun and chatty Mercury aligning with fiery Mars and suggesting that talking with friends can help you feel more at ease.



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Keep your cool this week, particularly with red-hot Mars, your co-ruler, forging an uncomfortable angle with volcanic Pluto. Something may come to light that brings up intense feelings. The way you handle this could make or break a situation or relationship. It may be due to a misunderstanding or long-held grudge, but whatever it is, try not let it spill out in a destructive way. Channeling it into exercise—or even smashing old plates—could help siphon away the feelings. You need to get it out, but harmlessly.

Electric Uranus rewinds on Saturday, perhaps bringing a positive change to a relationship in a subtle and gentle way.

Finally, the sun and chatty Mercury are in the topmost sector of your chart, so this is very much a time to shine your light and display your skills and abilities. Over the weekend, a positive aspect with dynamic Mars could bring opportunities that you will be eager to take advantage of.


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Has your financial situation been preventing you from enjoying life? If so, you might feel you’ve just about had it this week. As warrior Mars in your leisure zone angles toward powerful Pluto in your money sector, you may think enough is enough, that now is the time for positive change. If you can harness this energy constructively, you may come up with some creative solutions to your situation, and this could be a turning point.

At the same time, a quarter moon in your lifestyle zone could be an opportunity to make changes that are long overdue. You may feel this very strongly now, with energizing Uranus at its slowest before it turns retrograde. The need to do something could force a decision.

Do you need a break? The weekend could find you getting out and about, perhaps on a hike or generally enjoying the fresh air and a chance to decompress. It could do you so much good.



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There could be a disconnect in a romantic relationship if you and another can’t see eye to eye. However, it might be a difference of perspective and not the problem it seems. In fact, you may come to enjoy this person’s views just because they’re so different from yours.

However, a more intense transit shows up this week with fiery Mars angling toward powerbroker Pluto. Family issues could reach a peak and arguments break out unless you address certain matters sensitively. This aspect can lead to positive change, but something may need to be addressed first. It’s likely the elephant in the room, the thing that everyone knows is happening but is trying to pretend that it isn’t.

Perhaps a positive solution can be reached over the weekend when the sun and inquisitive Mercury align with Mars. Deep discussion may be possible, and this could do the trick.


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This week, restless Uranus in your home zone slows down prior to turning retrograde over the weekend. If you’ve been eager to make changes, you might be ready to integrate them at a much slower pace, and this could make life easier.

Chatty Mercury forges an angle to this revolutionary planet on Monday. You might find that a problem of yours is solved by taking on board someone’s unusual solution. All it needed was a fresh pair of eyes.

However, you could put a lot of pressure on yourself to do something when it might be the wrong approach. With impulsive Mars in Aries making a red-hot angle with volcanic Pluto, you might be frustrated by your inability to act. Directing any anger back inside yourself isn’t a good idea, so finding an outlet, such as exercise or those tough household jobs you’ve put off for ages, could be a great help. Lower your expectations and be kinder to yourself.


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There could be the potential for a misunderstanding or a disconnect as the week gets underway. If you’re working with or collaborating with someone, this could lead to things not going as planned. You can save a lot of time and hassle with just a quick check to make sure that you’re on the same page.

Electric Uranus is at its slowest this week prior to turning retrograde over the weekend in your sector of talk and thought. If you’ve felt like a lone voice in the wilderness when sharing your ideas with the world, this planet’s rewind phase could encourage you to find subtler and perhaps less provocative methods to get your message across.

Are you eager to keep up with your friends? This could backfire if you go too far. As pushy Mars links to potent Pluto, deep-seated emotions might find you splurging so you can feel one with the clan. Just being yourself is much better and less pressure.


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