Your Weekly Horoscope Warns To Expect The Unexpected

Your Weekly Horoscope Warns To Expect The Unexpected

According to your weekly horoscope for April 20, you’re in for quite a few ups and downs. This week, the sun (planet of ego) continues its journey through Taurus—so there’s an overall emphasis on security, good living, and self-indulgence. The astro weather starts us off on Tuesday, when the sun angles toward Saturn (planet of foundation) in Aquarius, which could foster a feeling of being pressured by friends or a social group to go somewhere or do something. The event could still be beneficial, even if it turns out to be somewhat tedious.

On Wednesday, new moon in Taurus brings an opportunity for a new beginning. In this practical sign, it might revolve around the handling of finances. Adopting healthy habits in this regard can bring some good results.

Pluto (planet of transformation) turns retrograde in Capricorn on Saturday, which can encourage everyone to dig deep. By doing so, we might tap into our reserves for strength and insight. Also, over the weekend, Mercury (planet of communication) angles toward Jupiter(planet of abundance), which can assist in making a social occasion even more eventful.

Finally, as the sun aligns with electric Uranus (planet of surprises) on Sunday, expect the unexpected.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week


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Is it worth spending money on a formal event at the start of the week? It might not be your thing, but if you go you might be surprised by what transpires. Even if you have to drag yourself there, it could be worth your while.

Are you ready for the new moon on Wednesday? This powerful lunar phase takes place in your sector of personal finances and brings an opportunity to kick-start new and positive habits. If you’re thinking of starting a budget or savings account, this can be an excellent time to go for it.

Powerful Pluto goes into reverse in your sector of goals and ambition on Saturday and remains so until early October, and this could find you questioning your motives. If you feel restless concerning your career choices, it might be time to reflect on why this is. Finally, Sunday could bring an unexpected invitation, a small windfall, or some other gift that you truly appreciate.

STYLECASTER | Taurus zodiac sign horoscope

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If you’re at odds with someone in authority, perhaps you feel put upon or overwhelmed by all they’re asking you to do. You could try talking to them. This person may be a lot more understanding than you give them credit for.

The new moon in your sign on Wednesday is the best of the year for you. It brings opportunities to initiate new plans, habits, or relationships. Whatever you want to begin, this is the time to go for it. It might be worthwhile to take some time out in the days prior to this to think about your goals. A new moon wish list in which you write down everything you hope to accomplish can set you firmly on the path to success.

A delightful aspect between roving Mercury and jovial Jupiter over the weekend could coincide with an intuitive nudge that leads to a golden opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by.

STYLECASTER | Gemini zodiac sign horoscope

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Luscious Venus continues her journey through your sign, enhancing confidence and encouraging you to get out and connect. You will only benefit if you do. An awkward sun-Saturn angle on Tuesday could find you questioning your beliefs. You may realize how limiting certain ideas have become and that it’s now time to move beyond them.

Are you ready to explore your full potential? The new moon in a subtle and spiritual sector on Wednesday can be one of the better times to take up a practice like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, or anything else that fosters inner peace.

On Saturday, volcanic Pluto turns retrograde in a more intense zone and remains so until early October. This can be another reason to dig deep and process through any experiences that may have had a negative impact on you. The more work you do around this, the happier and more energized you’ll feel. Finally, Saturday could find you deep in conversation with someone very special.

STYLECASTER | Cancer zodiac sign horoscope

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With the sun in your social zone, the coming weeks can be an opportunity to relax in good company and enjoy group and club activities. However, with the sun forging an edgy angle to sobering Saturn on Tuesday, you may not feel quite as comfortable with someone as you used to. Rather than steer clear, overcoming any awkwardness and reaching out could help you resolve this in a positive way.

There is a new moon in the same sector on Wednesday, which can be the perfect time to initiate a long-term goal or dream. If you’d planned to get started on it, this lunar phase can give you a helping hand. Do you need to reflect on your partnership or other key bonds? As volcanic Pluto turns retrograde on Saturday, you may be more inclined to look beneath the surface and see what’s really going on.

Finally, Sunday could bring a surprise invitation to an event that turns out to be very special.

STYLECASTER | Leo zodiac sign horoscope

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Is someone being a tad critical? If so, try not to doubt yourself. If anything rings true, take note; otherwise, let it go. There are far more constructive things to focus on. You’ll have forgotten all about it soon enough.

If you’re ready to take a step forward regarding your career or business, the midweek new moon in your sector of goals and ambitions is an excellent time to make your move. Whatever your intentions, you’ll be carried along by the moon tide as it helps you build momentum.

The weekend’s upbeat Mercury-Jupiter link could see you dreaming up big plans. And you might be eager to explore new opportunities that can enhance a business or that might net you a more exciting job. Finally, an offer may come out of the blue on Sunday that could be just what you’ve been looking for. Why not give it a go?

STYLECASTER | Virgo zodiac sign horoscope

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Responsibilities may be preventing you from getting away, especially early in the week. Even so, there could be a way around this if you need some downtime. Organizing someone to take care of your workload could be one way, or a compromise may also be possible.

The sun in your sector of far horizons suggests that you may be recharged by new scenery, places, and faces. If you have a chance to get away, this can be one of the best times to do so. And with the new moon in the same zone midweek, you might be ready to branch out by taking a course or becoming a freelancing nomad. Either way, any challenges can become positive growth experiences that encourage greater belief in yourself.

On Saturday, empowering Pluto turns retrograde in your sector of creativity and romance and remains so until early October. This can be an opportunity to successfully harness your creativity or let go of any emotional blocks to romance.

STYLECASTER | Libra zodiac sign horoscope

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With the sun now in a more intense zone for around four weeks, this can be a great time to let go of anything that may be holding you back. As the sun angles toward prudent Saturn on Tuesday, you may wonder why a friend is being somewhat distant. They may be dealing with issues, and if you can be understanding, this might help them in more ways than you know.

With the new moon in the same sector midweek, it’s time for a fresh start. Whether you want to kick-start a new business idea, reorganize your finances, or work with a therapist to handle a deep-seated issue, this is the time to go for it. Underworld Pluto turns retrograde in your home zone on Saturday, so you may also discover a desire to learn more about your family history and ancestry. Doing so may not only be fascinating but also very enlightening.

Finally, an unexpected windfall or gift on Sunday could boost your mood.

STYLECASTER | Scorpio zodiac sign horoscope

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Are you ready to explore your relationships? The sun remains in this zone for another four weeks, so there is plenty of time to socialize, spend quality time with your partner, and interact for business or pleasure.

With a new moon in this sector midweek, this can be a great opportunity to pair up with someone regarding a project or business venture. And if you’re eager to break the ice and get to know someone better, this is the time to do so. Are you involved in a budding romance? You might be ready to take the next step.

Pluto, your guide planet, turns retrograde on Saturday in your sector of talk and thought, making this an opportunity to discover how your mindset may be affecting your results. You could get a first-hand understanding of various blocks and what you can do to remove them. Finally, a delightful sun-Uranus merger on Sunday could bring a sparkling encounter your way.

STYLECASTER | Sagittarius zodiac sign horoscope

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How productive are you? With the sun currently moving through your lifestyle sector, you may feel a desire to get organized. And doing so can bring many benefits.

First, though, consider taking stock of your priorities. What do you really want? Once you know the answer, you can set routines and create habits that will help you get there. The new moon in this sector on Wednesday is one of the better times for initiating a new game plan. Start then and you can go far.

How do you feel about your finances? If you sense that you have blocks in certain areas, underworld Pluto’s retrograde phase that starts Saturday can be a call to dive in and find out more about them. Connecting with a life coach who specializes in financial matters could help you move beyond them.

Finally, an upbeat Mercury-Jupiter link over the weekend hints that signing up for new experiences may be a great investment, bringing you more than you bargained for.

STYLECASTER | Capricorn zodiac sign horoscope

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An awkward sun-Saturn angle early in the week could leave you wondering whether it’s worth splurging to learn a hobby or enjoy a new experience. Although you may be initially reticent, consider giving it a go. You may derive far more benefit than you think.

In general, though, the sun in your leisure sector makes this a great time to enjoy a romantic interlude, bringing a chance to rekindle the flame of passion in your partnership. And with the new moon in this same sector midweek, you have a golden opportunity to take a developing romance to the next level.

Intense Pluto rewinds in your sign, starting Saturday, so this can be an opportunity to reflect on your heart’s desire and true motives. What do you really want out of life? You may not know right away, but the coming months can take you on a journey of discovery. Finally, get ready for a sizzling encounter on Sunday that could take your breath away.

STYLECASTER | Aquarius zodiac sign horoscope

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As the sun continues its journey through your home zone, the coming four weeks or so can be a call to unwind when possible. Try to cook nurturing meals as opposed to eating fast food, get plenty of sleep, and enjoy a little self-care. This can also be a good time to step back from life and see things from a different perspective. Doing so could lead you to make some profound decisions.

The new moon in this same sector midweek could inspire you to kick-start some new home-based projects. If you’re eager to beautify your home, this is a good time to start. Equally, if you want to adopt a pet, start a home business, or purchase real estate, go for it now.

Powerbroker Pluto is retrograde in your spiritual zone until early October, so you could find yourself taking a deeper journey into your subconscious. Your dreams may be very instructive, so it would be worthwhile taking note of them. Finally, Sunday could bring an unexpected guest, so be prepared.

STYLECASTER | Pisces zodiac sign horoscope

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With the radiant sun in your sector of talk and thought, communication is key over the coming four weeks or so. This is one of the best times for connecting with your neighbors, especially if you haven’t spoken to them in a while. The same goes for siblings and friends who would love to hear from you.

If you’re eager to get your message out to the world, launch your blog, website, or online business in tandem with the new moon on Wednesday. The moon tide can carry it along and help build momentum. If you’re ready to connect with those on your wavelength, doing it now can encourage a supportive community of friends.

Over the weekend, a lively Mercury-Jupiter transit can be excellent for get-togethers and social events. You may find that you benefit in more ways than one from attending. Finally, an unexpected call or invitation on Sunday could result in a refreshing and delightful experience.

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