Your Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time To Make Some Changes, Babe

Your Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time To Make Some Changes, Babe

Greetings, Gorgeous—here to peek at your weekly horoscope for April 13? The sun in Aries forges an angle with Pluto (planet of transformation) on Tuesday, which could coincide with a need for change and perhaps a decision. On the same day, a quarter moon in Capricorn calls to tie up loose ends so that a project can reach a successful conclusion. If there are any adjustments to be made, now is the time to make them.

Midweek sees the sun linking to Jupiter (planet of abundance), which can bring confidence and faith in an idea and inspire a bold move. Mercury (planet of communication) continues its journey through Aries and aligns with Venus(planet of love) in Gemini on Friday, which can make for a very sociable and convivial time. It also connects with Mars (planet of aggression) the following day, fostering enjoyment of a key event and meeting some fascinating people.

Finally, the sun moves into grounded Taurus on Sunday for a four-week stay, bringing out people’s sensual and earthy side.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week

STYLECASTER | Aries zodiac sign horoscope

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A quarter moon in Capricorn on Tuesday ties in with volcanic Pluto, so any decisions could be like a gear change. Something needs to shift, and by making the right decision, things could begin to move in the right direction. Your self-confidence could soar as the sun aspects jovial Jupiter in your career zone midweek. If you were wondering about your choices at the start of the week, you may feel more self-assured by Wednesday

Are you eager to connect with new people? Convivial Mercury’s connections with luscious Venus and sassy Mars can improve your social life. Friday and Saturday can be perfect for all kinds of events and dates. Your open manner and witty conversation make you very popular. Finally, the sun moves into Taurus on Sunday for a stay of four weeks, which can encourage nurturing, self-care, and enjoying the good things in life. It’s time to stop and smell the roses.

STYLECASTER | Taurus zodiac sign horoscope

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The sun continues its journey through your spiritual zone, so there are still opportunities to find closure around a key issue. And this may be encouraged by Tuesday’s quarter moon and its connection to underworld Pluto. Key insights might inspire you to dig deeper and perhaps connect with someone who can help you find the healing you seek.

As you contemplate such a shift, you may begin to feel better even if things aren’t quite resolved. The idea that they soon may be can help you feel happier. Your intuition can play a part in bringing progress in career and goals and give hints and tips on how to make the best use of your money. If you’re looking to purchase something, listen to your gut. It can guide you to the best deal. On Sunday, the sun moves into your sign for a stay of around four weeks, leaving you feeling buoyant and upbeat. This is your chance to pursue goals that you relate to personally.

STYLECASTER | Gemini zodiac sign horoscope

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Does a friendship need some attention? If so, you may feel moved to do something about it, especially around Tuesday. This can be a chance to reach out and talk things over, especially if you’ve had words and feel at odds with each other. Making the decision to forgive and forget can work wonders and restore your bond to its former friendly state. Plus, the sun’s angle to jovial Jupiter on Wednesday can put you in a confident and upbeat mood and perhaps encourage you to invite someone to join you in a business plan or other moneymaking venture

Your friendships and other social connections can be the key to opportunities that might not have shown up otherwise. It’s who you know that counts. And with Venus in your sign giving you extra charm, you can go far. There is a change of focus as the sun enters Taurus on Sunday. This can be an opportunity to release emotional baggage and find closure on any issues.

STYLECASTER | Cancer zodiac sign horoscope

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Do you need to get someone on board with a plan? If so, Tuesday’s dynamic sun-moon tie can push things forward. Don’t beat around the bush. Instead, present the facts as openly and honestly as possible and things can swing your way. As the sun angles toward jovial Jupiter midweek, someone may compliment you on a job well done. This can boost your confidence and perhaps inspire you to take on more responsibility or bigger projects.

Lively Mercury continues its journey through your sector of goals and ambitions and makes positive aspects to Venus and Mars on Friday and Saturday. This can push you to scope out your feelings about a career move, new contract, or business ideas. Trust your gut and you won’t go far wrong. The sun’s move into Taurus and your social zone on Sunday can enhance your friendships. And while you might feel very comfortable with your long-term friends, this can be a great opportunity to explore other social avenues.

STYLECASTER | Leo zodiac sign horoscope

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Work or play? Should you take a break and go traveling or relish a shorter trip and stick with your responsibilities? The quarter moon on Tuesday, which aligns with powerful Pluto, could encourage a decision. This combination suggests that you may be at the tail end of a project, and if you tie up any loose ends, you might feasibly get away. If you can delegate any other work, so much the better.

You might be ready for bigger challenges, and perhaps a chance to reflect can allow you to see your situation in perspective. Wednesday can be key for spotting an opportunity that is perfect for you. Friday and Saturday could see you out and about, perhaps going away for a long weekend with friends or your partner. Above all, this can be a fun time that does you much good. As of Sunday, an emphasis on your sector of goals suggests taking the spotlight to showcase your skills. You could benefit greatly by doing so.

STYLECASTER | Virgo zodiac sign horoscope

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Are you eager to take a budding romance further? A dynamic sun-moon angle on Tuesday, which engages with obsessive Pluto, could find you rather too eager for your own good. If you’re in too much of a hurry, you could end this before it has a chance to begin. Patience is the key here.

The sun’s continuing journey through a more intense zone can also be a call to let go of situations and issues that aren’t doing you any favors. With the sun in this sector until April 19, this is a good time to come to grips with anything that has been draining your energy. And if you need the help of a therapist or counselor, try to connect with one. Chatty Mercury is also in the same intense zone, so consider exploring business and other financial opportunities. Finally, the sun moves into Taurus and your sector of far horizons on Sunday, so travel and adventure could appeal to you.

STYLECASTER | Libra zodiac sign horoscope

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Your relationship sector is in focus this week, so you may be doing more socializing, interacting with key people, and collaborating on new ideas and projects. However, as the sun angles toward powerful Pluto in your home zone, you might need to make a family-related decision. If you and your partner are at loggerheads, a compromise may be the only way out.

Plus, with convivial Mercury making lovely aspects to sweet Venus and feisty Mars on Friday and Saturday, there are plenty of options for socializing. And if you’re ready for a romantic diversion, this can be an excellent time for a date with your partner or a love interest. As the sun moves into a more intense zone on Sunday for a four-week stay, its presence here could encourage you to let go of those issues that no longer serve your best interests. This is the time to resolve any situation that’s draining your resources by putting an end to it once and for all.

STYLECASTER | Scorpio zodiac sign horoscope

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Are you having a disagreement with someone at work? An edgy sun-Pluto angle on Tuesday could find you at odds with each other. Unless you can agree to compromise, you may never see eye to eye. This aspect also ties in with a quarter moon in your sector of talk and thought, so there might be a way to resolve this with a shift in perspective.

More positive transits could see you making forward strides, particularly with home, family issues, and financial resources. With some clever negotiation, you may be able to arrange for extra funds to book a family vacation or perhaps invest in upgrading your place.

The sun’s move into Taurus and your relationship zone on Sunday puts the emphasis on your partnership, friendships, and other key connections. As it will remain here for around four weeks, this is your chance to get involved in a collaboration or spend quality time with your partner.

STYLECASTER | Sagittarius zodiac sign horoscope

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Do you want to have fun or save money? The start of the week could pose a dilemma that may not be easy to resolve. Is it really worth shelling out your hard-earned cash for an experience that might be positive but hardly qualifies as an investment? Sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy life, and this could be one of those opportunities that’s too good to pass up. In fact, if you decide to save your money, you might later regret a lost opportunity. This is one time to follow your heart, because the chance for such an experience may never come around again.

Still, there are opportunities for good times with cheeky Mercury making positive angles to sweet Venus and fiery Mars on Friday and Saturday. This can be a great time for hosting a get-together or attending a special event. On Sunday, the sun’s move into your lifestyle sector might inspire you to get more organized.

STYLECASTER | Capricorn zodiac sign horoscope

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The start of the week could see you working to complete a domestic project, but perhaps you need to make some key decisions so you can tie up any loose ends. You might also need to get everyone’s input. If everyone is happy, it’s full steam ahead. Jovial Jupiter is still within range of powerful Pluto in your sign, so there are still options for taking on new challenges and opportunities. If something comes up this week for you, consider it. It could be life changing.

Friday and Saturday might see you eager to kick-start a new phase that could influence your lifestyle. This might mean investing in equipment so you can eat more healthfully at home. It looks like it could be very worthwhile. Everyone needs to kick back and relax now and then, and when the sun moves into your leisure zone for four weeks, it’s your chance to unwind.

STYLECASTER | Aquarius zodiac sign horoscope

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Should you trust your gut regarding a key issue? A quarter moon on Tuesday that aligns with Pluto could leave you undecided. However, with a strong Jupiter-Pluto tie ongoing in your spiritual zone, this is very much a time to tune in and listen to those intuitive nudges. Doing so could leave you in no doubt as to what to do next.

Sobering Saturn continues its journey through your sign, so you may be putting more emphasis on your goals and key plans and how you can accomplish them. This can be a very sociable and interactive week, too, as articulate Mercury in your sector of talk and thought aligns with both sweet Venus and dynamic Mars. You might be ready to arrange events and get-togethers that could be very successful. Even so, as the sun moves into your home zone on Sunday, you’ll enter a quieter phase that lasts around four weeks. This is your chance to enjoy some nurturing and self-care. You surely deserve it.

STYLECASTER | Pisces zodiac sign horoscope

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Do you have an urge to splurge? The early part of the week could see you eager to impress your friends. Whether you take out an expensive membership or show up at an event after a complete makeover, consider your motives. If you can afford such a thing, no problem. If you can’t, then just showing up as you are is more than enough.

Still, with inquisitive Mercury making some positive aspects on Friday and Saturday, it might be worth spending your money on a delightful outing with friends or family. This can be a wise investment because of the sheer enjoyment of being with close ones and having so much fun.Plus, dealmaker Mercury’s presence in your money zone can also encourage you to seek bargains. There might be some very good ones out there if you look around.

The sun’s move into Taurus and your sector of talk and thought on Sunday could coincide with a desire to promote your work or business. Plus, networking can be helpful for making some valuable connections.