What the Zodiac Has in Store for You This Week: Your Horoscope for April 11–17

What the Zodiac Has in Store for You This Week: Your Horoscope for April 11–17
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How you do the things you do is hella up, my lovely, and this week is just the start!

There are some seriously jumpy, restless vibes continued from that Uranus conjunction to the Sun from the 9th through 11th. It’s making it an awesome time to try new things and make a break for freedom, and a ratchet one for concentrating or dealing with things that you’re not really interested in.

On the 18th, Mars goes retrograde, but you’re gonna start feeling it on the 16th. This can make you feel frustrated, agitated, or deliciously motivated, depending on where it falls in your astrological chart. Wherever it falls, the best use of this shift is to look within to see the source of your feels.

Inner work is especially well-starred, lovers. Life has a funny way of pushing you toward what you need, so you may find your self in situations that trigger you to dig deep.

To find out exactly what’s in store for your sign this week, click through the gallery above.

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Aries: March 21–April 19

When you get overwhelmed, it ain’t pretty, Aries. This week, you may be frustrated by the conditions of your life and feel ready for something new but are so emotionally blocked that there’s no room for it to come in. Take a break, stunner.

You need to breathe through your stresses, so you can emotionally pace yourself through the newness entering your life. If there are people contributing to your anxiety or messy self-esteem, this is a great time to put them on ice for a while.

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­Taurus: April 20–May 20

It feels like you have all the information and that things are a total bummer, but you’re not seeing things clearly, Taurus.

The good news is that you don’t have all the facts, and things aren’t as bleak as they seem. What sucks is that you’re still stuck with your feelings until better things emerge. Look for the positive potential in the very things that seem hopelessly dank this week.

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Gemini: May 21–June 21

If things are uncertain and unsettled, you might as well go for broke, my friend. Instead of putting yourself down and thinking the worst thoughts possible about your self or situation, try a little positive visualization.

You’re meant to change and grow, and while that’s bound to be uncomfortable, it’s also wonderful. Look at where you’re blocked, and notice that you could make different choices this week. How you participate in your life is powerful; don’t hide behind fear-based habits, Twin Star.

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Cancer: June 22–July 22

Say yes, Moonchild. This week, your fears and self-doubt will be loud and clear, but screw it—you deserve happiness and adventure and weirdness that are creative and exciting!

Bring your yay-game (it’s like your A-game, only way more enthusiastic) to all the things you’d rather shy away from. That might mean small acts of faith or just resisting the urge to shit-talk your boss. The point is to direct your energy toward the life-affirming, even if you have to fake it till you make it.

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Leo: July 23–August 22

There’s so much out of your control that it would be easy for you to want to check out completely. This week, it’s time for acceptance, Leo. By embracing your self-awareness, you’ll get present in the here and now.

This moment is the foundation to all of your other moments; the ones later on today, and the ones that are far off and live in the vast unknown. All you’ve got is now, so make it the best you can by being real, patient, and compassionate to your self.

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Virgo: August 23–September 22

Your ego is an important part of who and what you are as a human, but it needs to be held in perspective, Virgo. Marianne Williamson wrote, the “Ego says, 'Once everything falls into place, I’ll find peace.' Spirit says, 'Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.'”

You can push and shove and try to make things work, but that’s not always the right path. Find peace with where you’re at on your path before you go trying to fix things this week.

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Libra: September 23–October 22

You’re hella blocked, Libra, and the key to freeing up your feels is by putting your foot down and setting some limits. You’re ready to take up enough space in your own life that you are honest about what you do and don’t like, and what you want to do.

Life is full of compromises, and that’s alright, but if you aren’t forthcoming about them, you can easily end up feeling cruddy. Be a good friend to yourself this week.

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Scorpio: October 23–November 21

Love, like, and other mysteries are being revealed to you, Scorpio. Don’t slip back into your assumptions about how the world works because the Universe is offering up some seriously awesome vibes, and if you can turn your face to the light that they provide, you’ll be able to enjoy them. You have the chance to put your hard-earned wisdom to work for you this week, even though nothing is wrong. Take it!

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Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

If you’ve been fixating on vengeful or mean thoughts, it’s going to hurt you more than anyone, Sag. The greatest victory for you this week won’t be dominion over someone or even the conquering of a problem. What you need is mastery over your own moods, my friend.

Be true to your ideals and don’t let yourself be swayed by passing thoughts, even when they lean on the side of obsessive. Freedom starts from within; be brave enough to seek it.

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Capricorn: December 22–January 19

As hard as it is, letting go will totally liberate you. In order to grow in the direction you’ve been trying for, you need to let go of the limiting beliefs you’ve been clinging to, Capricorn. You’ve got weird inhibitions around being joyful that are ready to pop right out of your system if you let them.

Mars is going retrograde this week in your house of inner-seeking, making this the kickoff time for major evolution. Don’t resist breakthroughs, even if they come with little breakdowns.

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Aquarius: January 20–February 18

Your relationship to relationships is expanding, Aquarius. This week is a great time to reach out to your friends and tell them how much you love them.

Host a spontaneous family appreciation dinner, make a phone call, or emoji love-bomb them with your whole heart. Share the good vibes you’ve got with the people that hold you up just because you love ’em, and for no other reason than that. Loving without an agenda is the absolute tops.

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Pisces: February 19–March 20

Maintain your equilibrium by noticing where and when you feel centered and how that inner-harmony feels. Take the feels and the vibes with you into less pleasant situations and you’ll be Gucci.

You’re overcoming some old fears and breaking up some heavy patterns, and it’s awesome even when it’s hard. Don’t stop now! Find ways of staying centered, even when the ground shakes beneath you. You’re creating solidity inside of yourself, and that’ll help you with whatever comes your way.

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