Weekend Playlist: Peter Wolf Crier Picks Top 10 Songs Now

Weekend Playlist: Peter Wolf Crier Picks Top 10 Songs Now
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While some bands rely on a philharmonic’s worth of instruments (ranging from vibraphones to standing basses to glockenspiel) to create robust sounds, there is something refreshing when you hear a band’s more whittled down sound. Country folk duo Peter Wolf Crier (Peter Pisano and Brian Moen) relies on vintage amps and fuzzy guitars for their rustic sound.

Sans crazy instrumentation and effects to detract from the overall mood and sound, listeners are able to pick up on the subtle details that make Peter Wolf Crier truly shine. The sentimental lyrics and clever percussive elements on their debut album Inter-Be
creates a richly personal tone while maintaining a rugged bluesy feeling.

Check out lead singer Peter Pisano‘s personally written introduction to his Top 10 playlist below, then scroll through the album covers in the slideshow above:

“There is something you should know. I work concentrically through records, the center point being whichever title lays claim first. Youll see these indicated first. As well, I listen to artists rather compulsively. Thus, Im likely to have spent several months with each of these records by now. For this reason, youll find a second title listed. This indicates which title Im currently resting on. Sharon [Van Etten], here, provides the exception (as Give Out is not included on Because I feel in Love). Though, shes always the exception.

Youll find me equal parts self-loathing (Eyedea and Abilities), self-aware (Sharon Van Etten), of anthem (Dawes), universal (Halloween, Alaska), and bare (Paul Westerberg).” -Peter Pisano

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Peter Wolf Crier

"Hay Fever" and "Junk" by Eyedea and Abilities (By the Throat)
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"Give Out" and "It's Not Like" by Sharon Van Etten (Because I Was in Love)
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"When My Time Comes" and "Love is All I Am" by Dawes (North Hills)
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"Drowned" and "Receiving Line" by Halloween Alaska (Too Tall to Hide)
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"Only Lie Worth Telling" and "Dirt to Mud" by Paul Westerberg (Stereo)
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