Fashion Week Zodiac – Which Designers’ Signs Are Aligned For Success?


With Fashion Week so close, we can’t wait much longer to see our favorite designers’ collections. So, we’ve decided to take some action, cut the corners, and get our own sneak peek. We didn’t break into any studios, but rather went to an insider source that comes in close second to the fashion calendar. And that would be Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. After rounding up our favorite designers’ show dates and zodiac signs, we did a little bit of astrological predicting of our own. So here’s some soothsaying to tide you over.

Warning: Mercury in Retrograde!
First we’ll get the bad news out of the way. Mercury is in retrograde the evil ward of miscommunication until September 12. So for those designers showing on the early end of the week (Band of Outsiders, Richard Chai and Vena Cava are three), as much as we love them, we are crossing our fingers nothing gets lost in translation. If there’s one thing Miller has been adamant about this month, it’s no signing contracts until the retrograde has passed.

Designer: Jason Wu
Sign: Libra

Show Date: 9th
Miller advises, “Give up a bad habit on the new moon September 8,” talk about just in time. But it looks like he could’ve done better if he showed on the 10th, which is supposed to be one of his best days of the month. Maybe the greatness will come at the wee hours of the after party that night. Either way, it looks like he’s set for a good season, “Work projects will pick up from September 9. This is great news if you are self-employed or in sales, but even if you are not, you are likely to get all the plum jobs.”

Designer: Alexander Wang
Sign: Taurus
Show Date: 11th
It appears the industry’s hottest designer will be staying just as popular. As Miller says, “The new moon on September 8 will fall in your house of true love and bring your social life into focus. This is the start of something, and you should put a circle around this date and the two weeks that follow.” A budding social life for Alex Wang? No surprise there. Even we could’ve predicted that. But not this: “Mars will light your seventh house of partnership from September 14 to October 28.” We sure hope there’s a new collaboration on the rise come all that show success.

Designers: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row
Sign: Gemini
Show Date: 13th
These girls were clever to go post-retrograde by showing on the 13th. Just check out how good September sounds for the Gemini (literal) twins and their line The Row. Miller writes, “No matter what your goal, you should be able to make real progress in September, from making a residential move to completing a decorating project. Even small projects, say, to schedule repairs or reorganize closets, will bring a welcome feeling of calm.” We don’t know about calm when it comes to Fashion Week, but then again, the Olsens always nail it with their wardrobes.

Designer: Marc Jacobs
Sign: Aries
Show Date: 14th
All looks good for Aries Marc Jacobs. “Once Mars leaves Libra on September 14, your close relationships will become easier to navigate, but money might still be a touchy subject for you. Fortunately, Pluto, a key financial planet, will turn direct on September 14, too.” Bring on the parties and the gift bags! But really, Miller truly sums it up with maybe the quintessential New York designer, “For most of us, the dawning of September harks back to days we would be excited about going back to school. We get new clothes and shoes, pencils and notebooks and look forward to reconnecting with our friends again. In some ways, not too much has changed!” So does this mean Jacobs is destined to take the schoolgirl route for Spring ’11? We shall see…

And going back to Fashion Week never looked so good.

Read our full interview with astrologist Susan Miller here!


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