Fashion Week Newcomer: Bridal Goes Ballsy

Fashion Week Newcomer: Bridal Goes Ballsy
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Thoughts of traditional bridal wear sparks images of prim white dresses subtly adorned with lace and ribbon. Fashion Week newcomer Katya Leonovich‘s bridal designs are anything but traditional.

“It’s about a different beauty that is more modern than the white gown.” Leonovich said of her designs. “Why not put on the denim coat and look like a fabulous bride? “

Leonovich’s debut at this year’s September Fashion week combines bridal style gowns with objects found by the designer, including bits of paper, metal, fur and feathers. Her materials aren’t just coming from a fabric store.

“I am finding it everywhere,” Leonovich said when asked where she tracks down her materials. “In Premier Vision in Paris, in Torre Argentina in Rome, in stationary stores, in Home Depot.”

Leonovich found the inspiration for her new line in American culture. The Russian native has spent most of her time thus far showing in European venues.

When asked about whom she envisions wearing the line, she replied “any garment I create, a princess can wear.”

Fit for a princess? Count us in.