A Week Without Lindsay Lohan: What Will We Do?

Spencer Cain

tumblr lsg5s9X0LI1qa42jro1 r1 1280 690x460 A Week Without Lindsay Lohan: What Will We Do?

Hollywood’s most famous controversy magnet Lindsay Lohan seemed to be on the right track. A few weeks ago, a Los Angeles judge admitted that she was pleased with Lindsay’s progress — and that her probation would soon be over. Soon after, Lindsay made her hotly anticipated return to Saturday Night Live (we all know how that went). Even though the show totally sucked, I still had hope. Then last week, LiLo was accused of hitting a dude while driving her Porsche.

When it comes to Lindsay, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s false. Frankly there’s a huge possibility the dude who accused Linds was probably doing it because she’s such an easy target. Regardless, she seems shaken up, as she has put herself on house arrest until her probation ends on March 29. Considering the club scene isn’t the best place for an allegedly recovering alcoholic, this seems like a great idea. Lindsay can eat fast food in peace and watch a crap load of movies. I’m guessing she’s partial to Ingmar Bergman (read: Weekend at Bernie’s).

So — clearly we know what this means for Lindsay, but what does it mean for us? How will I possibly occupy myself until March 29? Here are a few things I’m going to do now that Lindsay’s lack of press has freed up my time:

  • Ten loads of laundry
  • Learn to cook lamb chops (always wanted to know!)
  • Give myself a homemade facial
  • Write letters to the meaningful people in my life and apologize for being crazy at all times
  • Paint my nails and scratch off the nail polish
  • Get a book deal and retire to Palm Beach
  • Cure world hunger

What will you guys be doing?

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