Fashion Week Diary: Day 4 With StyleCaster’s Content Manager

Fashion Week Diary: Day 4 With StyleCaster’s Content Manager
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I woke up to day four of fashion week with a 6:00AM alarm clock and only three hours of sleep, but somehow I was able to miraculously make it through the 13-hour day. And my current state of exhaustion was worth every minute. Click through and take a ride with me into the wonderful worlds of Derek Lam, Malandrino, Max Azria, Cushnie Et Ochs and Tommy Hilfiger.

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8:00AM – Backstage at Derek Lam, the man of the hour chats it up with the Arizona Muse.

She'll be wearing 5 inch heels for most of the day, so she may as well be comfortable while she can.

Catch up on those zzzz's – there's a long day ahead!

Chantal Stafford-Abbott's signature red locks are strikingly beautiful.

Fei Fei fueling up before the show.

This will certainly not be my last Jac sighting of the day. The girl was everywhere!

9:30AM – Chantal gets her finishing makeup touches. The show is supposed to begin in half an hour... obviously that's not happening.

Hanne Odiele looking cute as a button!

10:00AM – I should be in my seat, but I can't resist taking a sneak peak at some of Derek's amazing outerwear.

Seriously, he never disappoints!

10:30AM – I've given up hope that I'll ever make it down to Milk for backstage at Preen. Sad, but Derek Lam did not disappoint. I want every piece of outerwear in the collection.

I heart you Joe Zee!

11:15AM – Off to meet Rachel Adler backstage at Malandrino.

Yasmina Mmuratovich

Ana Gilca... talk about a model stare!

I loved the romantic, feminine curls at Malandrino.

I have a serious thing for nail polish, so naturally I was immediately drawn to this table.


12:00PM – It's almost showtime. Dap was nice enough to show me a finished look. I've been in a serious hat phase lately, so I immediately fall in love with the wide brimmed hats at Malandrino!

I'm also dying for those cute, quirky glasses!

1:00PM – I finally have a little break before the next show, so I head to the office (totally normal thing to do on a Sunday).

1:30PM – Time for lunch! I order some yummy pad thai, the first thing I've actually put in my body all day (if you don't count caffeine).

I did serious damage! Well, at least I'll be set for the rest of the day.

2:45PM – I put my shoes back on and head out. My feet or numb at this point. Fyi: Do not wear a pair of shoes for the first time on a day you'll have them on for 13 hours!

3:15PM – Arrive at Max Azria, and since the show hasn't started yet, I take this opportunity to play paparazzi. My latest girl crush: Tika Sumpter, the newest addition to Gossip Girl.

Grab a quick shot of Sophia Bush before I'm asked to take my seat. And yes, I proudly admit that I still watch One Tree Hill to this day.

Apparently all the old (and new) CW stars came out for Max Azria.

Hey there Leigh!

4:00PM – I have a little time to kill, so I head over to the Lia Sophia lounge at the Empire Hotel for some refreshments and pretty jewelry.

The jewelry, designed by Dani Stahl, had a great, industrial look to it. 

They were generous enough to let me pick out a piece of jewelry for myself. I debated between the bracelet on the end and a beautiful statement necklace. The necklace won!

6:15PM – I head backstage at Tommy Hilfiger, where I have my third Arizona run-in of the day. But I can never get sick of seeing that face!

Jourdan Dunn getting into hair and makeup.

Melodie Monrose looking beautiful as always! When choosing models for this collection, Tommy told me, "We wanted fresh faces, we want all the models who are featured in all the magazines, all the top models of the world. And when we're dealing with professionals, they know how to walk the runway, they don't have any drama, they've done it before. It's like when you have a tooth problem, you hire a top dentist. We're having a fashion show, so we need top models."

A little evening snack of potato chips – There's nothing wrong with that!

7:00PM – I got a chance to chat with Tommy about the collection. His inspiration: the rock star's girlfriend and in the '70s. He explained to me, "She was borrowing his clothes, so we wanted to take our menswear and really use that as an inspiration. Take the fabric and make them in more feminine shapes. It's very flowing and ethereal in a way."

7:15PM – Off to my final show of the night, Cushnie Et Ochs. I fell in love with all the leather, and the feather in the models' hair was the perfect finishing touch. 

8:15PM – Finally headed home after a final, quick stop at the office. Current state: walking zombie!

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