Fashion Week Diary: Day 2 With StyleCaster’s Content Manager

Fashion Week Diary: Day 2 With StyleCaster’s Content Manager
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Click through the slide show for all the inside info and images taken on my Kodak EasyShare M580 from my first day at the shows!

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5:45 AM: Wake up randomly dying of thirst. It's still dark outside and my alarm is set to go off in 15 minutes. Make the executive decision to snooze for another 30 - just this morning. But in reality, this happens every morning.

6:30 AM: Postponed wakeup call for my first official day of shows to begin! Decide to cinch my new Zara dress with a leather brown belt and whip out my leather lace-ups for the first time since last winter. They're the most comfortable shoes I own – a girl's gotta be prepared if she's going into battle.

8:30 AM: After getting into the office to find that the servers are down, I go into a mini panic. By 10:45 I'm on coffee #2. Healthy, I know.

11:40 AM: Leave the StyleCaster offices for Vena Cava. In the zone. Practicing eye exercises to keep my eyes open. Fall seems to have hit Manhattan overnight – really glad I chose a sweater dress.

11:41 AM: Realize I was so busy I forgot to eat the leftover half of my wrap from dinner last night. Pathetic. See what Fashion Week does to the psyche?

12:02 PM: Arrive at the show and ride the elevator up with Harley Viera Newton – she says she's wearing Vena Cava, duh.

12:05 PM: Take my seat conveniently situated a couple rows behind The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman and his GF Garance. Then they have a little powoww with Eddie Newton. Street style photographers unite!

12:30 PM: The show starts. Taking it all in. Vena Cava for spring is full of head wraps, flowy fabrics, wedge sandals, chiffon and color blocking with some tribal influences.

A favorite look from Vena Cava's spring 2011 runway.

Another favorite from the show.

12:40 PM: As the show ends, run into Amy O'Dell from NYmag. We recently found out we live in the same apartment building. Seems a good time for a photo op!

12:45 PM: Spot Garance Doré on the street outside Milk (most likely scouting out possible street style subjects). I stop her to tell her how much I love her – ok, I don't really tell her that, but I'm definitely thinking it. I do however give her my business card and ask her what she thought of the show. Besides calling it "interesting," Garance can't recall one favorite look in particular. I think she's distracted by all the stylish people she wants to photograph walking by. Oh well. It's time to head next door to the Whit presentation.

1 PM: Pop in next door to the Whit showing. Designer Whitney Pozgay tells me that when designing the collection, she mostly had her friends and women she sees on the streets in mind and focused on how different women she knows would style each piece in their own unique way. It's Pozgay's first time officially showing at New York Fashion Week, and by the looks of the crowd it seems to be a success.

1:10 PM: The Whit collection is super fun and summery and full of yummy prints ready for the Hamptons-bound. I loved this cool chick with shades.

Kate Lanphear doppelganger anyone?

Whit designer Whitney Pozgay lets me snap a photo in front of her collection.

1:15 PM: By the time I finish chatting with Whitney, it's already 15 minutes past the start of the Ruffian show so I head straight to the Logan Neitzel presentation which is 10 blocks up. I decide (or more like the inconvenient subway lines on the West side decide) that walking is my best bet. I will later regret this.

1:18 PM: Pass Julia Restoin Roitfeld on street at 22nd and 9th Ave. Too nervous to go up to her but dying inside. I'm pretty sure we made eye contact. We're talking serious girl crush here.

1:22 PM: Run into StyledOn's Casey Kettelson outside the Logan Neitzel show. She describes my Fashion Week Day 1 look as "all Ralph Laurened out." (Shh, don't tell her that my dress is really Zara.) This is just the 1st of three times I will run into her throughout the day.

1:30 PM: Logan Neitzel LOVES leather – and he's good at crafting it. The Project Runway alum tells me "It's my debut collection, and I think I've really found my aesthetic - it's a mix between hard and soft, a sophisticated darkness. A really strong girl." Is it weird that the models remind me of Taylor Momsen?

1:45 PM: As I leave the show, a homeless man tells me he loves my socks, then retracts the statement when he realizes I'm not wearing any. Not sure what to make of this...

2:30 PM: After taking the wrong subway uptown (hey, the C and E train can get tricky!) I arrive at Lincoln Center for the first time. It kind of feels like the 1st day of high school all over again. At Christian Siriano, the PR people try to tell me they've lost track of my seat. But they end up sticking me in the 2nd row, so it's all cool. I can see the Teen Vogue crew sitting across the runway.

2:38 PM: Sessilee Lopez opens the show. The shoes are awesome (later find out they're Payless!) and pounding music is pumping through the speakers on full blast.

2:40 PM: This full length metallic sequin dress with ruffles was a winner (I'd never wear it, but that doesn't mean I can't be obsessed, right?)

3:45 PM: A little email chain mixup has me running off to Milk studios to cover backstage beauty for our beauty editor, Rachel Adler, when someone else already offered to go. Whoops. Blaming it on the new BlackBerry? Luckily the Rachel Comey show is less than 2 blocks away (which I find out after the cab I frantically jump into so kindly brings me around the block and charges me $4.) Thirty seconds and negative $4 later, I'm at Rachel Comey ready to rock.

4:15 PM: Rachel Comey is a madhouse and an annoying photog keeps yelling at some of the audience members in standing to move out of his shot. Way to kill the mood, dude.

4:16 PM: I fall in love with this particular white dress that is perfect for summer. I can already picture myself sitting in a field of grass wearing it, braiding dandelions into my hair (except the fact that I would never really do that, but these are the thoughts that come into my head).

4:25 PM: Sitting behind blogger extraordinaire, Susie Bubble, during the show who's wearing some seriously awesome wrist candy. Regretting not asking her where she got her jewels from.

4:30 PM: Head backstage after the show to get a closer look at the pieces and say hi to our friends at Krupp Group (who are, by the way, the nicest PR people you will ever meet in your life.) Kerry Pieri our fashion content manager and Blake Martin our video director are also in attendance ready to capture Rachel on camera.

4:45 PM: Stylist Avena Gallagher who also recently styled our American Standard story chats with me a bit about the inspiration for the show's styling – which turns out is pretty nonexistent. She explains that in the past, Rachel's hallmark has been that of a quirky lady, and they were trying to move away from that moniker this season and show that the Rachel Comey woman has grown up a bit. As far as I can tell, their goals in this regard have definitely been met.

And here's a close-up of that dress I so love... (sans grass fields and dandelions.)

Kerry Pieri on the left, Blake Martin on the right.

Our fashion content manager, Kerry Pieri, interviews Rachel Comey on camera.

5:15 PM: Cab it back to the office with our Video Director Blake for the last time of the day before I'm back at Milk for more shows and then off to the parties of the night.

6:50 PM: An hour later, I'm back at Milk, which is a zoo. The line is insane, and I overhear Kate Lanphear say to some friends: "Why don't we go get a drink and then come back?" Smart lady.

7:20 PM: After quite the long wait I finally make it upstairs to check out several presentations going on simultaneously. First stop in to Billy Reid - I've never seen so many men in one room wearing faux glasses before.

7:21 PM: Loving the way Reid chose to present the collection with floating doors.

7:30 PM: Next stop, Kim Ovitz.

7:35 PM: The collection is badass in true Kim Ovitz style, but the setup of white beams and fluorescent white lights is almost just as electrifying.

7:40 PM: Ovitz tells me that to celebrate this collection, "I'm catching up on sleep." Right there with ya, sister.

7:45 PM: Quickly pop in to LnA next door, which is all good and fun until a model falls straight off one of the clear plexiglass pedestals and lands directly on her head. I'm too nice to snap a pic.

7:45 PM: But you can see all the other models couldn't stop staring in her direction... terrified of their fate?

8 PM: Run into fabulous blogger Lindsey of Saucy Glossie. Thinking giraffes might be the next print craze...

8:15 PM: Run into my AMAZING hairstylist, Pasquale, who also happens to be styling the hair for the Mandy Coon presentation. He's the best. If you're looking for someone to give you a fantastic new 'do, I highly recommend you give Ion Studio a call. He charges a pretty penny, but it's worth it!

8:15 PM: I miss the Mandy Coon presentation, so Pasquale shows me the faux hat braids he crafted for the models via his iPhone. Very inventive!

8:25 PM: With 35 minutes to spare before the Billy Reid after party officially starts, I decide last minute to stop by the Chanel soho boutique store opening. It's probably the most celebs/models/editors I've ever been around at one time. Rachel Zoe, Chanel Iman, Erin Wasson, Lou Doillon, Claire Danes, Leigh Lezark, Hamish Bowles, Joe Zee, Rachel Bilson, Diane Kruger, Blake Lively, Constance Jablonski, Jess Stam and Grace Coddington are all in attendance. Even Karl makes an appearance. And those are only the names I can remember off the top of my head. Oh, and did I mention? There's an electronic graffiti wall. Before I even arrive, two of StyleCaster's editors have already left our mark...

8:30 PM: Blake Lively shows up in glittery Chanel for the packed event.

8:40 PM: These fashion people really do love their grafitti.

9:15 PM: Catch up with Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, who also happens to be one of our Masthead partners. She's wearing fantastic footwear as always.

9:20 PM: Erin Wasson and another model let me snap their pic.

9:30 PM: Caroline Torem Craig of Paper magazine shows off her inch long nails and hand crafted jewelry.

9:45 PM: And for the highlight of the day my life. Alexa Chung tells me she loves my dress. But Alexa, you're in Chanel, and I'm in... Zara. I think there's a clear winner here. Nevertheless, I can die and go to fashion heaven now.

9:32 PM: Head out with Chanel goody bags in hand... can't wait to get home to see what's inside. Pit stop at grimy pub to use the ladies room  before doing the final walk of the day to Billy Reid and Gilt Man afterparty. Remember what I said about wearing my most comfortable shoes today? Yeah, well apparently even those can't withstand NYFW.

Here's the scene at Billy Reid, complete with more men in faux glasses and a band.

10:30 PM: After having only eaten half a wrap, a few almonds and a coffee over the course of the day, make the executive decision that I deserve not one but TWO slices of pizza. See, fashion girls do eat! Or at least this one does.

10:45 PM: And drumroll for the Chanel gift bag...

10:45 PM: Tada! It's a scarf with a polar bear on it. Goodbye New York Fashion Week! Just kidding – see you tomorrow... and the day after... and the day after...

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