Fashion Week Diary: Day 1 With StyleCaster’s Editorial Manager

Fashion Week Diary: Day 1 With StyleCaster’s Editorial Manager
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With style in mind and iPhone in hand, see my snaps from the first day of New York Fashion Week.

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6:30am: Good morning! I wake up, take a shower, spray some Morrocan Oil in my hair, and throw on my new moon print dress by Something Else. Picked it up at Oak last weekend knowing it would be the perfect first day of fashion week dress. Still happy with the choice. Grab my iPhone and ready to bounce.

7:30am: Stop at Milk and Roses in Greenpoint, my neighborhood in Brooklyn for espresso and nutella croissant. I appreciate how early they open.

7:35am: Listening to Pandora on my phone while going over my schedule, and a very fashion week worthy band comes on! Oldie but goodie. Thumbs up.

7:40am: Over my last sip, I scroll through my phone to see photos from last night's dinner at The Lion. Some of my favorite friends in the industry came together for a pre-fashion week bite. Now, train time to work.

9:30am: After checking in the office on contributor stories, I head to a Bellini breakfast with Tyra Banks and Andre Leon Talley at Marea. Excited fashion week energy in the room -- I overhear a writer to my left exchanging weight loss tips: "My trainer says if you cut out dairy and carbs, it flattens your stomach, if you cut out sugar, it flattens your behind." And a writer to my right shares a juicy American's Next Top Model tidbit: "I totally ran into Shandi at an Animal Collective show." With the provided Marc Jacobs lipstick pen to scribe my notes, I am in true form to speak with Tyra and ALT.

10:30am: Very impressed by Tyra and ALT. Both are dynamic and glowy, and I love that they will be bringing high fashion to the masses with a Vogue Italia spread in this round of ANTM. Very "style to the people." Che Anna would approve.

In fact, I asked Tyra how any girl watching the show could bring a more high fashion state of mind into her life -- and I loved her answer.

She said, "It's a combination of tips and tricks and confidence. I remember when I was in junior high, and there was clique of girls who were popular and knew how to dance, but looking back they weren't classic beauties, they just had that thing that made them. Women need this confident, fierce thing."

11:15am: Photo time. You should note both of them are quite tall -- about two of me stacked on top of each other. The amount of leaning they are doing is strategically cut off at the knees.

11:30am: Walk back to office, enjoy the crisp warm air and the mirrored skyscrapers. Follow-up with team and contributor e-mails and begin research for a new story.

12pm: Check out the Dallin Chase presentation. The feel is a very relatable, awesome, modern girl. Designer Jason Cauchi explains her as eccentric, ambitious, and classic and I fall in love.

12:15pm: Love the separates, materials and palettes. The models seem very comfortable and cool.

12:30pm: Love the darling belted looks -- they give a great silhouette.

12:45pm: Adore the pennies in the penny loafers. Cauchi thought it was for the type of girl who would slip on "her dad or grandfather's loafers to feel safe," to pair with her ambitious wardrobe.

1pm: My favorite look is definitely the striped bouclé peacoat and shorts suit. And I love the striped top -- a mix of silk and jersey panels. Pre-order please.

1:15pm: Head back to office, exhilarated by the first and amazing presentation.  On my way this song pops up, and it feels perfect for the moment.

1:20pm: Get asked to cover a last minute event later in the day --Heidi Klum is supposed to be there. I'm back to continue my research, quickly writing and organizing before my next show.

3:30pm: Arrive at Chadwick Bell, right before the show begins. The collection is camouflage and desert-themed, and just right. Would look good on just about anyone.

3:32pm: Love his take on suits. Am I obsessed with suits now?

3:33pm: I love the half pulled-back, messy, tiny-braid hair.

3:35pm: Beautiful veil and embroidery on the closing look.

3:45pm: Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo congratulating Bell -- talk about a good sign. Then I saw Valerie Steele do the same. This guy has got the some great support on his side.

4:00pm: Love the super bleach style on on model Yulia Lobova.

4:15pm: I browse around at the backstage looks before I get a chance to talk to Chadwick.

He tells me his collection is for "The modern suited woman. I love suits and I'm always trying a way to modernize it. Make it less restrictive, a little bit more easy, cool, wearable."

Sounds like he nailed it.

4:30pm: Spot a model with the hair I adored outside.  Requesting a hair how-to on this, now.

4:45pm: Forgot about food! Tofu chocolate knish? So silly, I can't say no. Grabbed it on the go, now charged to track down Heidi Klum.

7:30pm: Or not.  After waiting in line for over an hour, the Heidi Klum event was a bust. I come back to the office sort through FNO invites, follow up with co-workers, and get stories set for tomorrow. I stay late, but glad to get organized and ready for the rest of the week and seeing more shows and designers I love. Until next time!

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