Wedding Planning: Where to Save vs. Where to Splurge


Weddings are expensive. While planning for your big day, it’s important to remember in the end that it is just one day. You can go all-out on every aspect of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, or you can have a perfectly wonderful evening while still saving yourself (or your parents) some serious cash. If choosing option b), you’ll need to decide what to splurge on and what you can save on. We can help:

Where to Splurge:

The photographer:
At the end of the day, all that’s left are the pictures. Quality photographs will allow you to remember your big day, and eventually share the memories with your children and grandchildren. Your wedding album will most likely sit on your coffee table, and guests will flip through it each time they come to visit. Trust us, a good photographer is worth the price.

Your dress:
Even if you’re trying to save a buck, it’s your big day, and if you don’t look your best, you won’t feel your best, either. Your wedding is an occasion for which you deserve to be at the top of your game — plus, no one wants to deal with a pouty bride. All eyes will be on you, so don’t settle for a dress that you don’t absolutely love. But keep in mind, you shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for one, either.

Your bridesmaid’s gifts:
Your friends stood by you throughout your whole relationship, from your first date to your first fight — and now, to your first dance as a married couple. You drove them crazy shopping for matching dresses and organizing the ultimate bachelorette party. Now, the least you can do is show them how much you truly do appreciate them.

Where to Save:

Your makeup:
I know, I know, I said it’s important to look and feel your best, but you can get makeup done for free — by a professional! Why pay $100 when you can make an appointment at any makeup counter in a department store –I prefer MAC — or makeup store to get done up completely free of charge? You can even do a trial to test out what you like, because hey — it’s free! But there’s a catch — as proper etiquette, you’ll have to buy some of the products you test out. Purchase the lipstick the makeup artist uses so that you’ll be able to retouch throughout the night, and snag some makeup remover, which you’ll be needing anyway.

Your shoes:
You’re only going to wear them once, and it’s unlikely that anyone will even be able to see your shoes under your gorgeous wedding dress. Don’t drive yourself crazy searching for limited-edition Louboutin Tiffany-blue soled shoes. It’s just not worth it.

Save the dates:
Skip them. You can spend more on your invitations (or anything else) if you don’t send out save the dates. Instead, choose to do them digitally, or just notify your friends by word-of-mouth. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be saving trees, too.

Getting married? Let us know your tricks for saving, and what you’ll be spending big on this year!

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