Hailey and Justin Bieber’s Wedding Planner Shares 5 Expert Wedding Planning Tips

Jane Asher
Hailey and Justin Bieber’s Wedding Planner Shares 5 Expert Wedding Planning Tips
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Hello, my name is Jane, and I am a wedding fanatic. I love love. I love flowers. I love a good gown moment, and I love parties. So when I got the chance to speak with Mindy Weiss, goddess of all things wedding and party planning—she planned the Bieber wedding and countless Kardashian-hosted parties, NBD—I jumped at the chance to ask her all my burning wedding questions. And let me tell you, the number of wedding planning tips I’ve acquired from speaking with Weiss is incredible. And I’m here to share.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or just dreaming about doing so, you’ll find these wedding planning tips super insightful. And given that they’re coming straight from an expert’s mouth, well, you can definitely trust that these tips will do you no wrong.

1. You Don’t Have to Follow Tradition—the More Personal, the Better

Speaking with StyleCaster, Weiss shared, “We love to go into the clients’ homes, figure out what their style is and what they want to bring in, depending on the event.” Which means she’s also not opposed to the bride forgoing the traditional white wedding dress in lieu of something more on-brand. “Typically a bride who wears color, that’s their personality and that’s probably what’s expected. I think it really personalizes it. It makes it fun, and it kind of leaves a memory for all.”

2. Food Is a Must

“You have to feed your guests,” Weiss pressed. “You’re asking people to come either during lunchtime or dinnertime and to just serve a few hors d’oeuvres and a piece of cake [is not enough]. So you must have something that’s satiable.” And alcohol definitely helps, if you choose to serve it.

3. Seating Charts Are Game Changers

Weiss also brought up the importance of a seating chart. “Don’t do a free for all,” she cautioned. “Take time, do your tables and seat your guests so that it doesn’t ruin the entire room by having people trying to make their own tables.”

4. Floral Arrangements Don’t Need to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Because wedding costs add up, it helps to find ways to cut a few dollars here and there. Although florals can get expensive, Weiss has a great workaround for creating a lovely tablescape, without breaking the bank. “You need to fill the table,” she advised. “If you have just one vase on the table it isn’t enough in my eyes.”

Her solution? “Flowers in small vases mixed with tons of votives, it really gives you real bang for your buck,” she explained. “By having small pieces, lots of candles I think you’ll get that look that you’re hoping for.”

5. You Can Create Beautiful Lighting on a Budget

And when it comes to décor, you don’t need a huge budget to create a beautiful room. “I’m obsessed with twinkle lights,” Weiss told StyleCaster (um, same). “But it’s really hard to hang them, so now my new obsession is Command adjustable clips . You can remove and adjust them three times in 20 minutes, because we never get it right [on the first try].” Again, same.

The biggest takeaway? Make sure you take care of your guests and don’t gloss over things that may not seem important to you, because things like scrambling to find a seat or leaving your guests hungry can overshadow your big day.