19 Expert-Approved Wedding Gifts That Every Couple Will Love

Wedding gift guide

I’m a relatively organized human, and even I’ve found myself one too many times in the stressful predicament of waiting too long to buy a wedding gift and discovering, a week or so before the big day, that—shocker!—the couple’s registry is completely ravaged. In other words, my options are now a single dish towel, a lonely dinner plate, or an orphaned wine glass—unless, that is, I give cash or go off the registry. 

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Cash is all well and good (I mean, who doesn’t want more of it?) but not the most personal or romantic gift. If you procrastinated to the max but still want to give a close friend or family member something thoughtful and unique, look no further. In the selfish interest of never again being left gift-less at the last minute, I asked wedding industry experts—plus a few of my colleagues with excellent taste—about their go-to wedding gifts that are a hit with recipients every time. Consider these gifts guaranteed wins.

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